A Marketing Plan on the Rationale for Cora Restaurant in Durham Region, Brooklin

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Marketing is a process of planning and strategy execution to deliver goods and services to the customers. The essential components of any marketing strategy are always the four Ps that consist of the product, price, place and promotion (Markgraf, Bert n.p). These tools ae a set of a social enterprise for a business to achieve its marketing objectives in a given market. Marketing is paramount for it embraces almost every facet of the social enterprise. Production strategies always respond to what the market research reveals concerning market preferences, quality, and packaging that eventually determine the price of that particular good. Market research is also useful for it aids in product development based on the customer’s needs and it also finds out the technological requirements to reach new customers (Ylimäki 998). In this paper, we develop a marketing plan that will concentrate more on the rationale for Cora restaurant to be opened at Durham Region, Brooklin. The rationale behind our plan focuses on the following features:

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“A Marketing Plan on the Rationale for Cora Restaurant in Durham Region, Brooklin”

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Behavior Customer involvement is a paramount factor in ensuring that Cora restaurant services in Brooklin are known. Our marketing strategy is based on identifying our customers and i nvolving them in selecting the chain of products and services to be offered in the restaurant (Sahney 3). We aim to target every individual both kids and adults in our business. This is a good way of establishing business relation. The earlier the better. High customer involvement model is sufficient for our restaurant considering that many of them in Brooklin offering the same services. This will include the use of main utilization of the central route which will see to it that a customer is persuaded to try out our services in Cora restaurant. We have to create a positive attitude in them towards our services in the restaurant to convince them to try out our services.
Peripheral cues will be applicable when scores of customers are involved in future. Our involvement is to ensure that we ignite sufficient motivation to our customers, ability, and opportunity. This gives them a chance to try out our services, evaluate them and give us feedback (“Level Of Consumer Involvement” n.p). We shall encourage the high level of involvement among our customers by providing accessible information about the nature of our services. They will also be accessible to the prizes, available offers, and benefits of being loyal customers (Markgraf, Bert n.p). High involvement of customers ensures availability of a different variety of cuisines, hence ensuring customer loyalty.

Customer influences

The three most important influences of our business are situation, emotional appeal and features for our products (Mack, Stan n.p). Providing vegetables to our customers at Cora customers as an extra service for their lunch and supper is a value addition. The logic behind this is that, it adds value to our services for a many of customers like their meals with additional amounts of vegetables. Advertisements will trigger emotion among our clients, for it emphasizes the importance of eating healthy foods towards the achievement of healthy living. This changes their attitudes towards their food choices. Cora is known for providing healthy meals and we will continue keeping it that. The reason behind it, is that our customers will always find reason to visit our restaurant to try out our foods. Still, a majority of customers seek to be healthy and satisfied (Mack, Stan, n.p). Adding a significant future to our product for instance extra vegetable or fruit salad for every serving of chicken dishes improves customer turn outs. We assume that this tactic will attract customers who like to take their meals with an extra amount of vegetable or fruit salad. Advertising is the most important influence on our target customers because; this is because it enables us to reach out many customers, and it addresses our current situation and appeal of our restaurant. It features our services based on the situation and also the extra servings of fruit and vegetable salad so as to appeal the target customers. This ensures that we retain our customers and attract new ones (Sahney, 5). Advertising features ensure that the right message arrives at the customer at the correct time and situation (“Level Of Consumer Involvement” n.p). It also highlights lunch offers for kids during weekends. The reasons for doing this is to create wide popularity among different customers.

Description of product

Our restaurant plans to offer hospitality services to its customers. It focuses on the provision of food and drink for breakfast lunch and supper. The food will include different types of cuisines considering that Brooklin is a multicultural society. The drinks to be served will mainly be composed of natural fruit juices and a variety of beverages such as coffee and tea. It will also provide vegetable and fruit salads, and ice cream to its customers. We will also provide take-away services and outside catering services to our customers, where necessary. We shall also ensure that our meals are fresh, and made according to customer’s specifications. We stick to the food items that are served in other Cora chains, to ensure that we maintain its value and popularity among the customers. The rationale behind is that, when we change the menu that is known to be provided by Cora, we jeopardize our reputation.


Prices vary depending on the preparation techniques, ingredients used and the nature of food being prepared. Since our customers come from different cultural backgrounds and social classes, they will have different preferences for their meals and each will have a different price (Freng Svendsen, Mons et al. n.p). it is important to ensure customer satisfaction, and loyalty at the same time. Standards are to be set for ordinary meals, vegetable and fruit salads, beverages, and fruit juices while flexible prices are to be set for different types of cuisines. This is done to ensure that we retain our customers and at the same time meet their needs.

Marketing communication

Marketing of our restaurant is to be done through social and visual, audio and print media (Ylimäki 998). This is because many potential customers are accessed to these modes of communication. We plan to utilize a billboard located at the heart of the town. This is because it is visible to anyone who plans to dine with a different experience. Creation of an advert for television and Youtube. This is based on the fact that people value physical and emotional appeal. We shall create a website for our restaurant and use tags so that it can be accessed online without one having to go to the website pages. This is mainly because websites are reputable source of information for a given place, for example Cora Restaurant. We shall create audio adverts that bring out the nature and quality of our services. Print media will describe our location, prices for different cuisines, and the available offers. This ensures that we are widely known, and we can be easily tracked.

Distribution strategy and the rationale for the chosen location. Our restaurant will be located in the heart of Brookline. The rationale for identifying this place is that: first, will be easily accessible to people working in various institutions and offices within the town (Freng Svendsen, Mons et al. n.p). Second, our catchment will also be high considering that majority of the people who access the town must always pass through the central business district. Third, competition with other restaurants will be low considering that majority of the restaurants are located away from the central business district. This is driven by the notion that most of the restaurants in the central business district are expensive for a majority of the people.

In conclusion, our restaurant aims to provide better services for its customers. This will be achieved by identifying the client’s behavior and various influences such as the situation, advertising and appeal for our products and services. Identification of our customer preferences through intensive research and information guidance will ensure that we select the best product, price and the distribution point for our customers. These factors will guide the development of a strategic plan that will see that Cora Restaurant in Brooklin becomes a reality.

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