An Assessment of Sky Lux, a Restaurant in Santa Monica

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There is always much to see in the expanses of Santa Monica, as it is extremely cosmopolitan. Culture is evident from various aspects, which one cannot miss to see as well as experience. It is always thriving with people all trying to enjoy their lives. Some of the interesting scenery, which can be found include; street performers, malls, among many other scenes. The various restaurants are centrally located whereby; patrons have a wide selection to choose from. One such restaurant is the 'Sky lux' which brings about a lot of attention. It is located in a huge building and has incorporated some of the latest designs in architecture. It has an angelic white color, which in a way, reflects that more is awaiting. Also, it has large windows, which are on almost all sides, except for the back area.

Upon entering, one is welcomed by a valet driver, whose friendliness is extremely over whelming. The valet drivers are dressed in blue well pressed uniforms, which are in contrast to the purple uniforms, of the waiting staff inside the restaurant. The valet drivers seemed well trained from how they relate with customers. They are polite and helpful and this is encouraging to new customers to the restaurant. The cars, which arrive at the restaurant, are expensive as they include models such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghinis and the list being endless. It seems that the powerful as well as rich are the main clientele at this restaurant. Once the cars have been driven away, the customers are politely and slowly ushered into the restaurant. It is extremely interesting to note that the reservations agent knows most customers by name. It is often pleasing for customers when they are easily remembered and make an impact to the restaurant.

Confidence is displayed by the people entering the restaurant, but no one seems to notice. A young woman probably around twenty years is in charge of making reservations. She is smartly dressed; her nails French manicured, as well as her blond hair neatly tied. One could easily mistake her for being the restaurant's manager. This is because of her poise as well as her good mannerisms.

The ambience is extremely warm, inviting, and one feels that they need to indulge in the food as soon as they order. Mellow jazz music flows freely. Most people in the restaurant often comment on the music, as it is one of the restaurants main attractions. The diners at the restaurant are mature and thus the reason why they appreciate the music. Meanwhile, the aroma that fills the restaurant is extremely tickling to the diners taste buds. The air is filled with an aroma, which is spicy, due to the continental and authentic dishes being prepared. The diners are engaged in discussion in low tones, so as not to affect the others. They seem to display dining etiquette, which is often acquired, due to their lifestyles. It is surprising that in a period of less than three hours, two Hollywood celebrities have arrived at the restaurant. An unruly guest is the only one disturbing the existing tranquility as he seems to have drunk a lot of Don Perignon champagne. A young brunette waiter effectively tries and solves the situation. The matter is handled professionally as the drunken patron is ushered out politely. One of the valet drivers is to take him home after they have confirmed his address. Everything in this restaurant is being done professionally, thus the reason why they have repeat customers.

Money was not an issue in coming up with the restaurants décor as most of the furnishings are modern. The tables and chairs are arranged all facing the large window's. This is for the diner's to have an excellent view of what is taking place outside. Often, celebrities request that they are seated at the corner where they can enjoy their meals without having the paparazzi stalking them. The waiting staffs are six and each has been allocated their own tables, so that they do not interfere with each other's work. The waiters are young and passionate about their jobs and this is from the manner, which they work. Often they are tipped as much as 100 dollars and the excitement experienced by them, is extremely over whelming. There are different races of people who come to this restaurant in Santa Monica, which is famous. A diner seems to be from Africa as he is dressed in one of the national clothes of Nigeria. Also, his accent is not like that of an American. Cultural integration is important as the menu has national dishes from almost every country. Customers have a selection, which is wide, and the waiters are effective as they make it easy for the diners when ordering. They explain the various dishes in a unique manner, not witnessed in many restaurants.

As the food is being served, the aroma feels the entire restaurant and twice the chef came to see the customers experience. He was received with a lot of enthusiasm and the clapping from the happy diners, made him embarrassed. On that day, the special was couscous and Moroccan lamb served with rice. Most of the diners ordered the special and from their expressions were extremely delighted with their experience. Occasionally, one could hear comments, such as how the meal was sumptuous as well as finger licking. Everyone who left was extremely satisfied and was sure to come back soon. It seemed that the diners had worn the most elegant designer gowns. One of the most memorable designs was that of a young man who had pink Versace suit and blue Jimmy Choo shoes. Only a person who loves fashion would have known that what he had worn what was in current season. To other diners, he looked like a clown with no sense of fashion.

The talk among the diners is about their achievements and successes; it seems that everyone wants to outdo the other. No one is happy about the success of other and envy seems to be in almost everyone's heart. The diners do not pay using cash, but instead prefer the use of credit cards. Occasionally you can notice how the waiters talk in low tones concerning the amount spent on drinks and food. It can be interpreted by their reactions that the diners are wasting money, which would have been used in other ways. Unfortunately nothing can be done concerning this issue. Food is not the main reason why people dine in this restaurants as from the different experiences witnessed. A lot can be observed in this restaurant and the experience is extremely memorable.

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