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On a sunny crisp day, me and my friend head out to enjoy a day in the restaurant Urbana. Once as I enter I notice the high polished tables and marketing chairs. Every single table is set with modern clean looking glasses and a white linen napkin atop each round plate. A menu is tucked under each plate. The ambience is a stark comparison to the hustle and bustle going on outside. Urbana is located right off the center of Borough Park, yet it provides a relaxing and calm atmosphere.
Sarah Grossman, owner of this new restaurant greets us and asks us if we prefer specific tableseatings. The brick walls and hanging light bulbs result in dim, romantic lighting to provide a modern atmosphere. I like this place already, even before tasting the food. It’s not to common that a restaurant owner personally greets the customers with such friendliness.

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We settle in a quiet corner. We scan the menu, deciding what to order. The menu is full of many options. The waiter is friendly and patiently answers our questions about each dish. I order the Ravioli Trio, which contains spinach ravioli, mushroom confetti, sundried tomato ravioli, spinach ricotta, beet ravioli, and parmesan cheese. It’s a rich pasta with a very heavy sauce. My friend who’s a salad lover orders the rustic salad. It’s an amazing salad, with mixed greens, caramelized sweet potato, bulgur, craisins, cucumber, cherry tomato, shaved carrot and feta cheese. The caramelized sweet potato and the feta cheese are a great combination.

For dessert I order a cheesecake milkshake. It’s awesome that a restaurant can take the best foods and combine it into one delicious drink. My friend orders a strawberry daiquiri, which is a strawberry shake. We end up sharing drinks, as they are so good.

Urbana is a winner and a great restaurant to dine in. The waiters were helpful and the atmosphere was charming. It was a perfect day spent with great company in a great place. 

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