Strengths and Weaknesses

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A. Strengths & Weaknesses Regarding my education, my strengths are determination, good communication skills and having an open mind. These strengths will help me achieve my goal of becoming a dental hygienist by keeping me focused, staying in touch with my fellow classmates & finding new ways to learn. My weaknesses are Tunnel Vision, procrastination and lack of patience. I know I will have to try to overcome these weaknesses or at least find ways to work around them. With my tunnel vision I will need to learn to allow myself to be focused but not forget my other responsibilities.

I’ll need to learn to manage my time properly to avoid work building up and causing stress and finally I’ll need to develop my patience so that I can successfully complete my program. B. Employability Skills To make myself an asset to employ, I will have to dominate fundamental, personal management, and teamwork skills. I’ll need to communicate to the best of my ability with my peers and my environment. Manage information in my field & when problems arise, be able to think creatively to come to appropriate conclusions.

My attitude will have to be positive and responsible. My confidence and capability will have to project outwardly. Managing my priorities & time will be crucial to my success. I’ll take full responsibility for my actions, & the actions of my group & projects that I undertake. I will have to take the initiative while working with others to ensure that our purpose and motives are met. Also I will respect the opinions & perspectives of my team members as we work together.

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