A Descriptive Review of a Mexican Restaurant

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Every day we are faced with a variety of decisions to make. Of these many decisions, food choice is a priority. Based on specific criteria, we decide where and what to eat, and then we evaluate our experience. I recently went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Puerto Vallarta for the first time, and based on practical, aesthetic, and ethical criteria, my experience was indeed a good one that I would recommend to others.

Over the weekend, my friends and I decided to go out to dinner. I had never been to Puerto Vallarta before, but I love Mexican food so I was willing to try it. The outside of the restaurant was sort of shabby looking, but as soon as I walked through the door, I was immersed into the Mexican theme. Bright, colorful decorations were all around, while salsa music filled the air. Piñatas hung from the ceiling and sombreros sat in corners. Delicious smells floated through the air. We were greeted by a festive Spanish speaking gentleman, who also very much looked the part. A first judgment usually comes from appearance, and Puerto Vallarta made a good one. I had come for Mexican food, and I was getting the whole experience. The evaluations I had made so far were based on the beauty and tradition that I had observed and also expected from a Mexican restaurant.

As the gentleman led us to our seats, I got to see the delicious looking food on surrounding tables. As we sat down, we were given our menus, as the waiter took our drink order. He was extremely friendly and also told us about the specials. He was back within two minutes with our drinks and a big bowel of tortilla chips and salsa. I could tell that the service was going to be good, which is extremely important in a food industry. The chips were warm and perfectly crunchy. The salsa was a little spicy, but perfect for taste buds craving that kind of flavor. The menu held a wide variety of options. It held so many different meal choices; it was hard to decide what to order. Most of the meals had Spanish names, which even further added to the culture theme of the restaurant. The menu also held many pictures, which was extremely helpful when the name was confusing. It was nice to see what the meal was going to look like before I made the decision to order it. The pictures really assisted in the decision making, which is even better for people like me who have a hard time making decisions. Within the first ten minutes of being in the restaurant, I had experienced kind, attentive, and efficient employees, a full and detailed menu, and a delicious appetizer. Because of these things, my dinner experience was off to a great start.

I finally decided to order "arroz con pollo," which is chicken and rice. The waiter kept coming back until we were ready to order, which is good to do in food service. Fairly quickly after we had placed our order, our waiter was back with hot and delicious smelling plates of food. Everything was exactly how we had ordered it, and it was all cooked perfectly. Each bite burst with delicious flavor. Overall, great Mexican food with decent prices. Both the taste and price of food are probably two of the most important characteristics in choosing where and what to eat. Puerto Vallarta was a good choice considering affordability, efficiency, and practicality of the meal. Since the prices were decent, the food was quick, and it satisfied our craving for Mexican food. The food was traditionally Mexican, the service was better than expected, and the food was well cooked and had a nice appearance.

Overall, I had an excellent experience with Puerto Vallarta and recommend it to others, I must pay mind to possible opposing viewpoints of the restaurant. The first negative would be the shabby outside appearance of the restaurant, but it definitely makes up for it on the inside, which is where the time is spent anyway. Another negative would be the confusing Spanish naming on the menu, but the pictures do help to counter the possible confusion. One more negative would be the confusion with the accents of the Spanish speaking waiters, but it adds to the overall experience. It is obvious that the negatives are outweighed by the positives, and do not present a strong enough claim to not eat at Puerto Vallarta.

In conclusion, Puerto Vallarta provides delicious food, a fun environment, quick service, and friendly staff, all at a reasonable price. The experience proved to be a good one based on practical, aesthetic, and ethical criteria. Dinner at Puerto Vallarta is affordable, efficient, andpractical. The food is traditional Mexican, and the service is exquisite. The staff is friendly with great work ethic. All of the factors calls for positive evaluations, leading me to conclude that my experience was a good one that should definitely be recommended to others.

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