Strategic and Implementation Plan for Raviz Restaurant

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1. Introduction

Our group have chosen Raviz restaurant which provides both take way and dine in. It was established in 2000 and Mr. Ravi Singh is the owner of this hotel. Initially they were struggled a lot but now they opened seven branches within the few years. Everybody knows that food industry is now growing sector because people usually spend their disposable income on eating on some special occasions or on holidays and this restaurant provide Indian authentic cuisines and they are using their homemade spices which is the main active ingredient in the dishes. Their food is mouth watering and luscious because they are using fresh vegetables and quality of food is hygienic which results they got heaps of customers. They provide some special buffets on some occasions and they have a full license and they will open some new branches within the New Zealand as soon as possible they can. So, this will be the long-term objective of the company. They do provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods at their restaurants and now they are part of the one of growing sector. Raviz is famous now for its services and foods and they have bars and special dishes for kids.

2. Aim & Scope of the strategic & Implementation Plan

  1. Aim: Aims of the Raviz restaurant is to cater the needs of the customer and to satisfy them by providing services. It belongs to the food industry so, their main goal to satisfy their customer to cater their desires. They have a limited customer because they have vegetarian foods and here their target is basically Indian people.
  1. Scope: The scope of the Raviz is to cover their customer and provide them loyalty so they will come there again and again. They provide special dishes at fewer prices on some special time in a week. Their strategy is to get the attention of the customer by providing discounts and some special offers.
  1. Strategic plan:

No business can longer exist if they don’t have any plan so Raviz strategy to get the more customers by implementing plans and providing rewards to them so they will be come at their place.

3.1 Values

The values of the Raviz are works for the society and provide best quality of cuisines to their customers.

  • Ethics: 

Ethics concern an individual's moral judgments about right and wrong Ethics in business are the moral values of business or a set of principles that explains what is right and good. These principles are basically implemented in order to build the required level of trust for consumers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, distributers and other stakeholders. Ethical guidelines protect the business against Legal troubles. Small Business owners face Ethical decisions every day in their companies. Ethical codes or guidelines help the business to maximize the profit as well as minimize the conflict that can slow the business growth.

  • Social Responsibility: 

Being socially responsible means a business should behave ethically and with sensitivity towards social cultural economic and environmental issues. The business should have a positive relationship with the society in which it is operating. The store staff may not know or use the word corporate social responsibility, but their close relations with their employees, with their customers which are from their own community and business operations shows their approach towards environmental/social responsibility.

3.2 Vision

A vision statement is the image of the future of our business that we want to create. It is defined as a small paragraph or one line which provides a broad and inspirational image of business in future. Vision statements are usually made for more than 5 years and reviewed every three to five years. So is to be the relevant to the business and if the vision is clear then the future of the business will be exist. For example for the Raviz restaurant their vision may be for the future prospective by opening more branches and to get more and more customers.

3.3 Direction

Every business should follow the some directions so they can face the challenge from their competitors and it can be one of them like operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership. If we are talking about Raviz then for the product leadership they have to use proper resources and ingredients so they can face their competitors by providing their best cuisines. They can lead their products by charging less prices or good quality. They should have to introduce new dishes so they can get more customers.

3.4 Goals

No business can survive in this fast pace of world without goals.So the goal should be easily measurable, achievable, realistic and it should have an appropriate time frame.

  1. Measurable: Raviz is a famous food court and a emerging Indian restaurant brand in new Zealand. To measurable we mean that the goal should set up in such a manner that it is easy to measure.
  2. Achievable: the goal should be achievable like 10% profit maximization by the next 2 years.
  3. Timeframe: the goal should be achievable within the time period.

3.5 Tactics

Every business should have some tactics and for Raviz, tactics should be like they can provide free home delivery services to the customers to compete their oppositions. For the growth prospective, they can attain their goals by implementing their strategies. Financial tactics: This includes free vouchers, discount cards, loyalty and special deals to their regular customers Internal tactics: these are the tactics which effects the internal environment of the business. They should provide some credits to their staff so they can work better for the organisation and put their best efforts to contribute to the growth of the business Customers: To cater the needs of the customers, Raviz should provide good services and quality food so that they can retain their regular customers and attract new customers.

3.6 KPI’s (key performance indicators)

Key Performance Indicators means the important factors that every business should have to follow.

  1. As per the Raviz perspectives, customer retention ratio should be maintained. To maintain customer retention ratio, they should have to balance their services and the quality of foods
  2. Internal perspective: They should provide open surveys to their customers so they can anticipate about their staff performance. By doing this they can improve their position in the market.
  3. Product and service quality: Raviz should maintain their services so they can retain in the market.
  4. Return on investment: Every business works for profit. So at the end of the year, everyone wants to know about the return on their investment made in business for the expansion of business.

4. Implementation Plan

It means developing a plan for the future and upcoming events. We will use our strategies to face the problems and find solutions for them.

4.1 Activities, Timing & Milestones

  • We would like to open new branch on CBD because we have only one branch on Hobson Street and our future plan is we will open a new branch on Queen Street in December 2014 and we will get more customers because there is problem of parking on Hobson Street, so we can remove this problem by selecting best location as per customers point of view.
  • We will expand our business by introducing some more varieties of cuisines and facilities within the one year at our every branch in New Zealand for instance free home delivery at every place in the city and we will open separate bar at our every branch with traditional interior. We will cater the needs of our customer by providing the best collection of liquor at a reasonable price before Oct 2014.
  • Our next plan is to attract the Kiwi’s by introducing new dishes as per their taste because our mostly customers from India and we are missing the local customer so before June 2014 our target is to get the local customer by providing foods as per their taste for example Kiwi’s like to eat lamb and barbeques and In New Zealand in the month June it’s too cold so, we will get heaps of customers in this period.

4.2 Resources

There are several resources like financial, human and technological and we would like to explain two out of them.

  • Human resources means the resources which is most important for every organisation so for our, it’s also important and every business needs staff so for our business we would like to have our family members at our restaurant so we can look after our business easily and we should have trained staff at our restaurant because chef’s are the most important person, they are the responsible for foods. At the end when we are taking about services we should have trained waiters so they can cater the needs of customers easily.
  • Technological means resources that are helpful for smooth running of every business so, we should have security camera’s , computers, security alarms & electronic entrance gates and bar code system for readymade stuff like ice cream cones and some imported deserts so, we can dealt with them in no time. For the security concern we place cameras at every important place so we can catch eye on them if something happened wrong we can sort out easily. Even that cameras work on our staff performance as well, we can measure easily who is good for business because of this resources we can identify the performance of our staff. Security alarms and electronic gate works wonder for small business because if something happened wrong than alarm buzz so we can remove the threat and electronic gates works conveniently for the customer they can come and go out easily.

4.3 Dependencies

Every business depends on some factors like financial, human, technological, environmental and legal so we should know the alternative to come out from the difficult circumstances like if we are running a business which is facing problem from the government interference. We should know the consequences of our business that we are running and we should know how to face the legal bindings and government formalities. We would like to explain some of them now as under.

  • Human factors – it means the person or staff so, every business runs their business with the help of their staff. It helps for the business in many ways like for the expansion of business or smooth running and to achieve their targets. For our business we need to have reliable, skilled and efficient staff. Our business is fully dependent on the chef’s, waiters and receptionist because they are close to the customers so, they should be humble with them and cater their needs to satisfy them as soon as possible. We can measure the efficient and inefficient staff by providing feedback form to our customers so we can detects error and irresponsible staff.
  • Legal factors are the factors that every business is facing these days because these days it’s not easy to run the business easily. Every day new amendments are happening so we should how to deal with them like we required a license to serve liquor and in New Zealand every liquor store or bar follow some guidelines like no one can serve to under eighteens and they should know about the consequences if they served them. Every business should look after the basic guidelines of the business like they must pay their due taxes and GST on time. They should pay to their staff on IRD and should contribute something to the society.

4.4 Contingency Plan

It means the future unexpected events like change in the laws or disputes.

  • In case of security like if we don’t have any cameras at our restaurants now but for the future we should have this technical equipment because if someone is stealing something at our restaurant or something happened wrong at our bar so we can sort out the situation by using the cameras. To face the problem at bar like we are not allowed to serve under eighteen and they been there and something happened wrong we have cameras and we can satisfy the cop’s by giving them pictures or videos from our cameras recording.
  • Factors, every business face the competition in these days from their competitors in many ways like in terms of services or by changing prices and so on. To tackle this problem we should have strategies to find out the solutions and be remained in the market. We should have some strategies to protect our business like provide some specials on dishes or on buffets and providing free home delivery etc.


To recapitulate, every business has set some predetermined goals and tactics, so they can tackle the problems easily and achieve their targets within the required time. To achieve their targets, they should follow some key performance indicators. In addition to this, Raviz is the part of food industry and should have some social responsibilities towards the society and they should contribute to the society in several ways like to provide hygienic food at reasonable prices. They have some strategies to compete with the external environment. In case of KPI’s one example is for Raviz if they spend money on financial marketing so they can ahead their business.  

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