Sake Restaurant

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In the present days, a hotel is not just a place to provide just food, beverage and accommodation but is always able to provide the guest many of the different facilities one needs and feels is necessary in a hotel for one to feel served as he or she needed. In a hotel there are various services that are offered that weren’t offered before such as the provision of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. A hotel is able to provide room services, restaurant, lounges and coffee shops but on these, our primary purpose is focused on the wines provided in a hotel. In the report, the chosen restaurant is sake restaurant in Australia which is the most dynamic sushi restaurant which is able to provide the best of the wines distributed in Australia and wines that are able to attract many in different ways and classic ones which are able to be used in parties and conferences( Vilanova, el at,2016).The main aim of the report is to be able to examine different types of wines, their cost and more also to help many customers who need to have an experience they will life to remember.

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Wines can be defined as the inflamed liquor of grapes, water and sugar made of many different diversities such as the red, white, sweet and sparkling being used as a drink .it is usually used has a beverage, for cooking and in religious rites such in Christian communion services usually contains content of about 14 percent  or less of alcohol. Usually appears in a dark reddish color as that of the red wines (Christ, 2014).

Sake restaurant in Australia

Sake brewery and restaurant is located at Obuse Machi near Nagano city. Sake restaurant and bar is the Australia’s most vigorous and modern-day restaurant serving the most best and most advanced and standard Japanese is the leading restaurant in dining hospitality and more also best entertainment restaurant in is a restaurant among the best restaurants found in Japanese for it dishes it provides and more also for it provision of different wines and classic ones. Sake restaurant and bar has executive chefs who always bring the innovative and dynamic values of the Japanese through their delicious conceptions. In Australia, many varieties of wines are found such as the red wine varieties, white wine varieties, rose wine varieties, fortified/ desert wine varieties and the sparkling wine varieties ( Martin, Watling, & Lee,2012).

For the wines found in sake restaurant, they come in array of different beautiful shapes, size and more also in different colors. They also come in small size bottles always perfect for two to the large bottles perfect for parties. Many of the wines are usually decollated with eye-catching art work and more also always make wonderful and nice gifts ( Wang,el at 2016)

Beverages list

Dessert wines can be said to be more sweater and are usually taken after a meal and it is usually added some alcohol in order to retain its natural sugars which are usually used through the process of fermentation of the wine.

Sparkling wine can be said to be having a significant carbohydrates in it which takes place during fermentation process. Makes it to be sweater and dry. Sparkling wines is said to be made from a wide range of the white and red grapes which give the color and its sweetness.

White wines can be said to be wine that is usually produced by alcoholic fermentation process of the non-coloured pulp of grapes which always has have different colour.

Red wine can be defined has a wine which is primarily red color conveyed during fermentation process and bring the natural colour seen in the skin of the grapes.


In conclusion, we can conclude by saying that sake restaurant is a restaurant that can produce the variety of different wines and more also can pair various types of wine and food for customers. Is also a restaurant that can give classic wines and different qualities and of the different types and cash that one can afford (Wang, el at, 2016).

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