An Issue of Cell Phones in School

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When teenagers leave their phones at home they tend to freak out and they think they are missing out on a lot. But in reality they aren't missing out on anything, teenagers want to be so wrapped up in what's going on in. Using cellphones in class interferes with students education, teenagers tend to worry more about what's on their phone than what they are learning in school. Teenagers who are trying to study, get easily distracted from the kids who do pull out their phones,guys like to play music and play games on their phones. Those who use their phones they use them to cheat on test text, each other for the answers. Teenagers are walking to school with cell phones in their hands, teenagers are walking with their heads down so they don't know where they're going so they don't pay attention. When teenagers wake up in the morning and go to sleep they are on their phone checking what they missed. With devices it makes it harder for teenagers who are struggling in school to concentrate. It doesn't matter how old or mature you are, you still can't resist on being on your phone because it's tempting not to be on it. In 2017, the top 3 apps were facebook, youtube, and facebook messenger. The percentages for these apps are 81%, 71%, and 68%. This is just proving that teenagers are on their phones more than we think. The new trending apps today are snapchat, instagram, and twitter. All social media has an age limit, more than half the teenagers on social media lie about their age.

So when apps are asking them how old they're, teenagers lie about it because they want to be sneaky so they can get what that app is offering them. Social media is changing and is Molina 2 also becoming more advanced. With social media becoming more advanced it's getting harder for teenagers and kids to get off of their phones and really pay attention to what's going on around them. In 2015 a research paper was done by Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics  found that that student test scores improve by 6.4 percent when cell phones are banned at schools and that there are no significant academic gains when we the ban is ignored (Cite). Phones are negatively affecting teenagers academics when you see teenagers the first thing you notice about them is that they have headphones in and using their phones. This became relevant because teenagers and kids are not paying attention to who they're texting. Nowadays teenagers are going on the internet are communicating with strangers and they don't even know who they are taking to. Cell phones have become more attached to teenagers hands than they have ever been.

And with that comes a lot of texting and cyber bullying, most teenagers are getting bullied on social media. Teenagers are shutting down and committing suicide because what other teenagers are doing to each other and the victim that is being bullied their academics. They are being put down so when they go home they can't focus on what happened during class. Cyberbullying is happening under everyone's noses and when a teenager or kid is acting differently no one notices. Sometimes teenagers do use cellphones for positive things but when teenagers aren't being monitored closely they go off and do their own thing that isn't school related. Most teenagers don't understand that when they're on their phones. During school they are losing important information and when they lose that information they get behind. During school hours cell phones should be turned off completely or be put in a box where they can't touch it. And when a cell phones goes off it disrupts the entire class because everyone is trying to figure out Molina 3 whose phone is going off. If students where to actually turn off their cell phones their testing and homework averages would actually go up and they would be motivated to do what they have to do for school.

In Middle School the percentage of the teenagers that use their phones is 68%and in High School the percentage is about 89% that teenagers use their phones. In middle school the students don't need phones it's not necessary. Middle Schoolers are somewhat more independent, they go beyond to achieve their goals. Some middle schoolers know what they want. If they know what it takes to get what they want they will go and get it without hesitation, as for High Schoolers they will procrastinate and will wait till the last minute to get things done. In 2011, a survey was done on how many students have a phone from 3rd graders to 5th graders had a phone. Middle and HIgh Schoolers also have a phone, students have phones are getting younger and younger. 39% of fifth graders have phones and 20% of third graders have phones. When children are starting off younger with cell phones their brain is being wired to have a cellular device in their hand. And when children are being taught to use a phone at a young age is wrong because their brain isn't fully developed. It is very different for adults to have phones glued to hands because they are constantly making business calls for work. But, when its children or teenagers they're using cell phones for a different cause they're using it for snapchat and instagram and to make the one important call to their friend. In 2009, a study was done that teens are being proved that kids are texting and emailing more than phone calls. And that they are using less cell phone usage and texting more.

Nevertheless, today's new communication preferences have created a perception gap between generations ( Cite). Cell phones have pros and cons to them people could use them very differently people can access the web easily whenever they want or where ever they're at. Parents can use it for a tracking capabilities so if a child is lost they could go on and find their Molina 4 location. It is also great because there are children out there that are still innocent so they are responsible for their self beings. Technology is growing faster, now in classrooms high and middle schoolers are getting comfortable. That they can have computers and devices during class because they're allowing computers to be used. What teenagers think is that everything is a joke that they don't have to pass their classes. But, when they want to graduate they are finally waiting to the last minute to do everything because on how long they procrastinated. Teenagers are procrastinating everything nowadays because they're concentrated on one thing and that is their phone.

Cell phones are taking a big part in everybody's life today for all kinds of reasons teenagers can be on a role with doing homework. When teenagers are doing good during school they're on a role and they have one thing that is distracting them. Phones are being abused by teenagers because they're are abusing the schools policy. Schools don't have control over what kids are doing on them but the schools do have control over how they're being used and when they're using them. Schools should start taking phones away because teenagers are sneaking off and being sneaky and hiding what they are doing. For instance teenagers are taking picture with their phones to cheat on test. They're sneaking off going into restrooms and hiding from teachers and administrators. Just because teenagers think that since they're not going to get caught teenagers will get caught one day. When the teachers just throughs in a pop quiz one day and they forgot to study their grades will reflect off of them.

Nowadays, teenagers don't want to put in the work mostly they just want to stay home and watch Netflix. Being teenagers aren't easy neither is being an adult but when it comes to being responsible teenagers get lazy. Every single person on earth gets overwhelmed with things in their life because some people may have crazier lives than others but, teenagers can overcome Molina 5 it so they aren't as stressed like everybody else. Teenagers have low self of steam and what every teenager knows how to do best is hide away from their problems. Just because you think you can escape your problems you can't because they will always be right behind you. New technology has changed the classroom perspectives from day one, teachers are noticing that teenagers are falling asleep in class from the lack of sleep that tenagers are getting at home. Teenagers are falling asleep in class because they are staying up all night on their phones. Teenagers get phone calls and when they get a phone call it disrupts the class when a phone goes off.

Cutting down screen time can help teenagers concentrate on school because in younger children to much screen time is a lot for children to handle. When teenagers and children get to much screen time it can cause them to have attention problems, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, and weight gain. Teenagers and children are going straight to their phones and it's becoming a routine and it's becoming difficult for teenagers to put their phones away. Cellular devices are changing everybody's life for a good and bad cause. Teenagers have a really hard time with time management, teenagers take every opportunity they can get while being on their phones. Some teenagers say that they can listen to music while doing homework to concentrate. Some teenagers don't understand that sometimes other kids don't have cell phones and that makes other kids do things. For instance when a teenagers are carrying the newest phones other kids around might feel intimidated by others because of what they have. Some teenagers and children don't know how to cope with their feelings so when kids are feeling intimidated by other kids they go and steal their stuff. College students have a better tendency of using technology in classes because when the professor is talking to the students are actually taking notes. They use their phones to Molina 6 record what they said and they use computers to take notes on. Therefore when it comes to high and middle schoolers they just abuse the power. When it comes to to managing the phones in class the kids have no respect for the teachers because they rather be on their cell phones. Students tend to become more overwhelmed at school when it comes to them paying attention in class. They are constantly waiting for their phones to go off because they think they are waiting for that important message or follower to come in.

But in reality nothing is that important unless you are waiting for the job you've been waiting for to call you back. It's all anxiety when they feel that vibration on their back pocket their first reaction is to see who texted them. Teenagers have no hesitation to pick up their phone and see what's going on in social media. But, they are hesitant to do their homework and classwork some kids are reliable to do their assignments but, how is it fare to those kids. There are kids who are actually trying in the classroom but, the kids that are getting notice are the ones that are on their phones or the ones getting in trouble. Students don't understand the frustration when it comes to the teachers having to tell the classroom to put their phones away. Students are becoming more advanced in technology because teenagers are learning new techniques to the new social media. Everybody struggles with something in life and when it comes to teenagers and children they tend to take everything personal. Teenagers and kids don't know how to exactly talk to each other and when it comes to social media they post their emotions. They want someone to respond to their post because they are seeking attention because it's a cry for help. When teenagers and children run to their phones they are trying to find an escape from their problem they either sleep or the post about it.

Teenagers and children are always looking for escapes because when they are on their phones they don't have telling them what to do or how to do something. So when Molina 7 they are locked in their phones that is there escape of telling people to leave them alone. But when it comes to school they are trying to get people's attention. Back in 2012 smartphones weren't that advanced over the years technology has grown rapidly and is continuing to grow rapidly. With teenagers running around with phones on their hands they're not paying attention to what is going on around them. Technology wasn't that advanced when landlines where around, technology was starting to come around but since than it has advanced way more than ever. Before teachers where writing on chalkboards and now teachers are putting powerpoints together and putting it on the projector. Computers and televisions were way different than today. Now they are coming out with a car that can drive you anywhere that you want where even you don't have to press the gas.

Technology has its positive and negative outcomes, a few positive things are that everybody has technology all in their hands if someone wanted to look up something the can jump right on their phone. If parents wanted to track their children they can do so. But technology can also be bad because when it come to certain things like cyberbullying and cyber bullying has become an issue with most schools around the world. And we also have hackers around the world to break into people's bank account and steal all their money.

So with technology running through everybody's hands it can be looked at as positive or negative way. Technology won't stop growing and it won't stop improving because its in high demand, the future of society is becoming more reliable on technology. Teenagers and children are becoming advanced with technology because they are finding new techniques on how to better our society. When it's come down to teenagers learning in a classroom they are more focused on one thing and that is when they can go on their phone. Technology is changing everyone's life by the minute because on how rapidly everyone is adapting to the new society. Molina 8 Nowadays everybody is looking at their phone to have a conversation nobody is talking face to face like how they did back then now everything is done by technology

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