Palm Jumeirah

The Jewel of the Gulf The Dubain desert has given birth to a grand island. Situated off the gorgeous Dubain shore and engulfed within the Gulf’s crystal sparkling blue waters, The Palm Jumeirah’s architectural brilliance hypnotises the viewer. Solely a residential area of beach front villas, luxury apartments and 5 star hotels, the Palm Jumeirah’s branches boast a mesmerising display of engineering success; placing it amidst the great wonders of the modern world. The Designers Nakheel is one of the largest architectural companies in the world, and has proven itself through its’ amazing buildings, engineering and architectural feats. As the designers of The World, The Palms, The universe and much more, they are driven by their vision for a better way of life, “it is a vision with humanity as its heart” (Our Vision, Accessed 9/5/09). Their developments within Dubai have become icons known all around the world, which highlight Nakheel’s originality and ingenuity, and thus never fail to inspire the people of the world. As their Chairman, Sultan bin Sulayem said “Nakheel is more than just a company – it’s a belief that defies ordinary thinking, when conventional wisdom says no, we say yes and make it happen”. The Testing Period Test Model https://www. bebrandx. com/archives/Nakheel%20Cityscape%20USA%20Palm%20Jumeirah%20Model. jpg Before construction, tests were undertaken by Nakheel, in order to determine whether or not the Palm Jumeirah would be possible to create. They combined with Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock (HHCP); famous for Sea world and Disney Worlds, for feedback on the possibility of the concept design. “Years of research, trials, surveys and environmental assessments were carried out to form the back bone of the project” (The Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Accessed 8/5/09). The assessments and surveys included tests that were carried out by Dubai-based Emirates Nortech to check “the shape and volume of the island above and below the waterline” (The Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Accessed 8/5/09). Three dimensional physical scale models were also built and tested on by Dubai-based Sogreath Gulf. This organization did laboratory tests using 12 metre random wave generator, along with the help of WL Delft which created the hydraulic simulated tidal waves, in order to model the breakwater crescent. These pre-construction tests made Nakheel aware of the stagnate water within the 16 channels between the branches of the Palm Jumeirah. This led to “a crucial recommendation to include two 100 metre openings on either side to allow the sea t be refreshed every 14 days and improve the water quality” (The Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Accessed 8/5/09). Due to both, 3D physical models and computer generated tests, the final designs were finalised and adapted, which in turn allow the project to move on to is first stages of construction. The Palm Jumeirah’s Construction Jumeirah under construction https://www. hatsupjacksonville. com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/the-palm-jumeirah-march-2007-stelllar-group. jpg Nakheel along with contractor Van Oord of Netherlands began constructing the Palm Jumeirah in 2002. They first began working on the breakwater to protect the reclaimed land from both the northerly winds and the oceans strong currents. A team of divers, surveyors, engineers and builders worked hand in hand as they constructed the crescent-shaped breakwater from relocating sand which formed the base toppled with rocks blasted from the mountains to form the foundation of the breakwater. This is the first curved breakwater to be built which sits “13 feet above sea level at low tide and sits in 34 feet of water at its deepest point” (Why is the world’s largest artificial island in the shape of a palm tree? , By Sarah Dowdy, Accessed 10/5/09). The elliptical shape of the branches as well as the breakwater, made it very difficult for both the builders and surveyors, when placing the sand for the bases of the construction. Nakheel’s CEO Chris O’Donnell expresses this complication as he states “because there were no fixed points of land to survey from, there had to be other means of locating the positions to place the materials” (The Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Accessed 8/5/09). This obstacle however, was overcome when the team’s engineers produce a solution, the DGPS, differential global positioning system, which like a GPS works through satellites but provides builders with unbelievable accuracy of placement to within 1 cm. The sand, all 94 million cubic metres, for the base of both the

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