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Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

Growing up in a rural community helped develop my core beliefs of family, community, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. It also taught me that anything deserving requires hard work. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner through Lincoln Memorial University will provide a lifelong career that has meaning and value to me. My goal is to provide advanced care […]

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My Future Job as a Nurse Practitioner

My future job is a nurse practitioner. This occupation means that licensed nurses are clinicians who focus on the management of human health and disease prevention. I learned and known that my work will mainly focus on the health of children and adults. The nurse can study in one area. My dream is to be […]

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MS Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Nursing Program

My name is Dakota Allen, MS Family Nurse Practitioner is the SUNY graduate nursing program that I intend on pursuing. For the past year and seven months, I have been working as a registered nurse on St. Luke’s Progressive Care Unit (PCU). For the most part I work dayshift but have also explored what nightshift […]

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Professional Goal Statement to be Achieved by Studying a Degree in Acute Care Nurse Practitioning

Being A critical care nurse practitioner, I will be a medical specialist who deals with treatment of patients with short-lived but severe episodes of illness, damage as a result of injuries, heart problems like heart attack and respiratory difficulties. Acute care mainly consists of emergency medical interventions carried out in health centres. As an acute […]

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My Dream Jobs: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss my dream job. It includes at least two dream jobs including job titles, salary range, skills, and education required, experience needed, the nature of work, challenges, and rewards. Keywords: CRNA- Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, FNP- Family Nurse Practitioner, BLS- Bureau of Labor Statistics My Dream Job […]

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Nurse Practitioner Career Research

One of the careers I’m thinking of pursuing is called a Nurse Practitioner, or an APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse). Three significant and basic points for a nurse practitioner are: 1) Nurse practitioners can prescribe medicines by earning a license that is accepted in all 50 states, 2) All nurse practitioners all have master’s degrees, […]

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The Role of a Nurse Practioner

The role of medicine is comparable to other occupations that could be considered “the supporters” of the community. Nurse practitioners work with many other people including their patients, paramedics, surgeons, and etcetera. In order to become a nurse practitioner, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. This particular career choice could be more […]

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Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Doctors used to work more than one hundred hours a week and sometimes shifts longer than twenty-four hours. This was changed due to the Libby Zion Case, where an eighteen-year-old college student named Libby Zion died due to what her father believed to be overworked interns and doctors. A medical professional is now allowed to […]

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Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

To become an acute care nurse practitioner one must first earn a degree in nursing from a two to four-year program and be certified as a registered nurse (RN). They then gain experience in the acute care setting, usually two to three years, and return to school to achieve an advanced degree. A Master’s degree […]

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Implementing a Nurse Practitioner Orientation Program

Nurse practitioner orientation is a relatively new but progressive topic and is usually found within the context of APRN models of care, APRN fellowship programs, or departmental orientations within hospital-based organizations. Orientating novice NPs into a hospital-based organization involves transition and are created to integrate the employee within the organization (Meleis, 2010; Meleis, Sawyer, Im, […]

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The Development of Nurse Practitioners

The development of nurse practitioners commenced in the late 1950s, physicians mentored nurses who had clinical experience. More physicians began to specialize in medicine leading many areas into a shortage in primary care. Starting in 1965, Medicaid and Medicare programs provided coverage for low income families, elderly, and people with disabilities, increasing the demand of […]

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Analysis on Caring in Nursing Practice

There are five fundamental elements of nursing practice: critical thinking, holism, communication, professionalism, and caring (SU, 2018). This paper will discuss the pillar of caring in nursing practice. According to the South University Bachelor of Science Handbook, caring is defined as “encompassing the nurses’ empathy for and connection with the patient as well as the […]

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Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal Nursing is a subspecialty for nurses. It is a field of nursing specially designed for newborns and babies up to a month old. Neonatal feeding is an important part of the infant care program. These are trained professionals who focus on guaranteeing the newborns and babies under their supervision will withstand any health hazard […]

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Essay on Family Nurse Practitioner

A family nurse practitioner is a trained person in the field of nursing that majors in looking at the wellbeing of a patient either a child or adult based on family context. The aim of this research is to focus on seven main key points, why be a family nurse practitioner, why choose Long Island University for the program, why become a nurse, busing experience, future plan after becoming a nurse practitioner, why the university should consider me and lastly the future plan after 5 years.

1. Why be a family nurse practitioner?

There are a lot of careers to choose out there but again nursing is the best thing that would happen to me, I would love to be a family nurse practitioner and help people manage their diseases and give them hope in life for a starter. As a family nurse practitioner, I would interact with these patience and help them to know the causes of their illness, how deep the issue is and lastly how to go about it. This way I would be able to manage minor trauma when the physician is not around.

2. Why Long Island University for this program

Long Island University will be the best choice because it offers full-time and part-time programs of which were allowed to have options. The university is well known to be great role models and mentors when it comes to the implementation of the concepts and in addition, the university offers a platform for growth and critical thinking that offers challenges and solutions through interaction with lectures. Lastly, the university offers room for practicals of what has been taught in classes which help to reduce guesswork while doing the career in the future.

3. Why become a nurse

Nursing comes with a lot of benefits it is not only a career job but also a lifestyle, for instance, nurses have the freedom to move from one place to another depending on the emergency which makes the career not monotony but engaging instead.

A nursing career is an endless learning process, it never ends as you are engaging with human beings chances of learning something new every day are very high. The best part of nursing career it’s like a basic need someone somewhere will always call for help which means that the career is high in demand if you are good at it.

4. Busing experience

The main reason is signing up for this program is because I have had some experiences around my neighborhood through community program which has led to my urge of wanting to help other people where I came to have great knowledge of practical experience in nursing the patients.

5. Future plan after becoming a nursing practitioner

My future plan is advancing my education to the highest level while still doing my career in order to have more knowledge and experience in the field. With the knowledge in my career, my plan would be to make sure that I take the career of my parents in all proper ways of health as they age well as my future children.

6. Why choose me?

I have a lot of passion for helping other people without asking anything in return, as well as great communication skills of understanding the patients’ needs without necessarily having to talk. Lastly, I would be a great choice because being highly available and committed to helping others without ant distractions in my schedule.

7. Where do I see myself 5 years from now?

In five years’ time if all is good I would love to advance in surgery and help not only to take care of small trauma but also the deep ones, I would love to have so much experience in my department so as in case of an emergency with the patience I won’t be worried of what to do next but instead take a quick step to help out.


In conclusion, I would say that family nursing practitioner will be a big impact on myself and will bring a lot of positivity and growth in my career, given a chance I will give it to my level best to ensure that the adult or child is administered to and no complaints are said. It is evident this university is the best choice when it comes to nursing program as they lead by examples and offer lecture practical as well seminar practical which will increase my practical experience.

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