Organisational Structure & Culture

Organizational structure:- Every organization must have an effective organizational structure. Organizational structure is a system used to define a hierarchy within an organization. There are several types of organization structures in which companies follow depending on various things. Formal structure- The official organization of an business that is certainly typically hierarchical inside nature. The official structure for a company can certainly generally be found on its organizational chart that always includes personnel names along with their established job titles within the organization.The organization chart for a formal based organization consists of Vice President,Salesdepartment,Customer Service Department, Engineering or production department, accounting department and Administrative department. Informal structure-This kind of organizational structure is loosely structured, flexible, spontaneous, fluctuating with its individuals membership. (pippa railey OB book, page5) Organizational Culture:- Organizational way of culture means your discussed prices as well as presumption connected with its associates. The item establishes how employees respond in a certain organization. It also affects what sort of additional setting or even how individuals by away from organization view it. That is certainly, organizational behaviour establishes how employees respond, reply to outsider or even customers. Beneficial organizational way of life is amongst the preconditions regarding greater effectiveness as well as improvements. Compare and contrast different organizational structure and culture I have selected two organization

  • Century Accessories
  • Nanna Biriyani

Century Accessories Century Accessories business started in 2008.There is business is polythene.They have there own production line. They produce various size of polythene.They export their poly to many countries like Dubai,Kuwait,India,Srilanka and many others.They are also supplying there poly to garments sector in Bangladesh. Organizational Structure: Century Accessories is following formal structure. They have got well created structure to satisfy their particular distinct ambitions. Span of controls Span of control refers to the number of subordinates a supervisor has.The number ofsubordinatesthat amanagerorsupervisorcan directlycontrol. This number varies with the type ofwork:complex,variablework reduces it to six, whereasroutine, fixed work increases it to twenty or more. Century Accessories is large organization with narrow spent of control. They have got volume of levels of supervision hierarchy. By making use of the actual span of control it’s simpler intended for Century Accessories to regulate staff. It’s aid Century Accessories keep to higher communication between staff in addition to operators.Because different workers are in different level. Centralization Centralization is the process by which the activities of an organisation, particularly those regarding planning and decision-making, become concentrated within a particularlocationand/or group.OR keeping all of the important decisionmaking powers within head office or the center of the organisation. Decentralization:– Decentralizstionis the process of redistributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority. Owner of the company is taking all the decision and his employee is following his decision.So Century Accessories is following Centralization method. Century Accessories Culture: Role of Culture Century Accessories is mainly following Role of Culture for their organization. The following are:

  • Century Accessories actually seriously interested in misuse usage of strength and also this is one of the attributes of Role of Culture.
  • Century Accessories is strict on their rules and regulation
  • Century Accessories have got productive operations

Nanna Biriyani Polau and Biriani are the most common dishes in the rice categories of Old Dhaka. Chef naana mia offers most popular biriyani in the town.He started business in 2013. Menu

Food Price
Shahi Morog Polau
Full 220
Half 110
Kacchi Biriyani
Full 220
Half 110
Beef Biriyani
Full 110
Half 55
Full 280
half 190
Parata 10
Moglai 40
Beef Kabab 60
Coke,Sprite,Fanta,Mountain Dew 15,30
Borhani(per class) 25

Organization Structure Nanna Biriyani is following informal Structure for their company. Nanna Biriyani Culture Power of Control Nanna Biriyani is mainly following Power of Culture for their organization. As a small business Nanna Biriyani is following power of culture.Proprietor is decided all the selection for your company however the owner of the company discuss critical selection together with his employees plus carry idea from their store. Compare and Contrast the Structure and Culture of the both organizations Century Accessories First of all Century Accessories is following formal structure. Century Accessories is tall organization with narrow spent of control and following Centralization method. They are following role of culture.Shamrat Kader takes all the decision by own for his organization. Nanna Biriyani Nanna Biriyani is following informal structure.Nanna Biriyani is small organization with spent control.As a small business Nanna Biriyani is following power of culture.Sarfaraz Kader takes all the decision for his organization but before taking the decison he also takes idea from his employee. How the relationship between an organization’s structure and culture can impact on the business. Organizational Culture and structure has effects on the organizational performance both in positive and negative way.

  • Century Accessories provides very well constructed structure it may help this company to make appropriate choice within appropriate time, in addition to which will make the decision.
  • By way of business structure each (Century Accessories & Nanna Biriyani) business will need to help to make correct selection.
  • The organizational structure as well as culture facilitates the two corporation to produce correct regular working environment.
  • The organizational structure and culture helps to organizations employees what are company’s rules and regulation.All company working hour start from 9am, So the employee of the company should come before 9am orelse it will counted as late entry.

The organization structure and also lifestyle has additionally many unfavorable effect regarding organization performance. The identical lifestyle turns into liability when the workers don’t acknowledge to share with you their beliefs along with people which raise fights. In the event the organization surrounding can be vibrant and then this may have an impact on this company effectiveness. In the event the organizational building can be sophisticated a single next your choice producing procedure while organization will probably be truly sluggish plus it’s going to have centralized determination producing that will decrease amount employee’s are certainly not likely to be connect. The factors which influence individual’s behavior work The components that influence individual behavior at the job such as age group, gender, ability, style, and attitude. Age Age is very important factors of individual’s behavior. Youthful persons will likely be, lively, progressive, fascinating, etc.Whereas old people are permitted to always be conservative, collection in their personal ways and in addition much less adjustable. Century Accessories the vast majority of employees usually are 25-35 years old therefore you will discover performance is extremely great they’ve got equally expertise and also experience employees within their organization.But in Nanna Biriyani has only 4 employee but they also has experience. Gender The different in gender doesn’t affect the job performance.but in old town most of the organization wants male worker,because they thought male workers are the hard workers. Personality Individuality is the full design connected with attributes ways of considering, sensation, in addition to performing. through style most of us don’t imply this bodily looks about connected with person or perhaps women of all ages man or women. By means of persona typically refers to particular personal qualities for instance power, Aggressiveness, tenacity and also other characteristics reflected via person’s conduct. Perception Perception may be the see level with which one interpreters a position to explain, perception is the procedure with which details enters our intellect and it is viewed in order to supply a number of wise this means on the entire world all-around people.For Example when a clean boss feels an employee as a employment,all of us may often eliminate good relatives in addition to good friends for the reason that all of us change this perceptions with regards to these kind of. Attitude Attitude will be the method an individual senses regarding something, an individual, a location, a thing a situation or an idea. In general in case one has optimistic attitude regarding his / her do the job it will be shown through good do the job overall performance. Century Accessories offers nutritious environment to be able to it’s staff members so they really feel risk-free environment.For the healthy and safe environment the workers of century accessories will do their work from their heart.They have a good relation with their employee,If they treated his employe as a Dog,ultimately no workers will work properly and got disapointed with their organization.Nanna Biriyani is also giving nutritious environment and facilities. They have a good relation with their employee,their employee is satisfy with their organization.

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