The Overview Of American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) and Nursing Shortage

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The purpose of this organization is to inform, learn about what CRNA’s do and represent for both private and governmental entities. Its mission statement is to “advance patient safety, practice excellence, and its members' profession.” “The organization was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1931 by Agatha Hodgins. In 1945, AANA has established and implemented a certification program. By 1952, they introduced a nurse anesthesia educational program, which was accredited by the U. S. Department of Education in 1955. AANA also has a foundation and it’s devoted to anesthesia research, education and development.” ( One can become a member by signing up through AANA websites. It is a yearly membership. Several membership categories and privileges are available. Annual dues are included in the membership with flexible payment plans and automatic renewal. Joining AANA required some guidelines that must be followed such as: “One must be a graduate from an approved school of nursing which determined by the authority where the applicant is practicing.

Also, if practicing anesthesia, one must hold a current license as a registered professional nurse as determined by the jurisdiction in which the individual practices or by the federal authorities if so employed. Successful completion of the certification examination administered by the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists or its predecessor. Compliance with the Guidelines and Standards established by the Association. One is a citizen, resident of, or individual employed in the United States and compliance with other qualifications or requirements set forth in these bylaws.” ( AANA is a large organization that represents more than 52,000 CRNAs and student registered nurse anesthetists in the United States. Over 43 million anesthetics are administered annually to patients. Their meetings and workshop events are usually held during Spring season at very special rates for their member. Dates, topics, fees and locations are posted in the AANA’s website. This year, AANA will be holding their 85th annual national congress in Boston, Massachusetts.

Under different memberships offer, members can receive workshops for researchers, professional malpractice insurance coverage with additional discounts such as life, health and disability insurance, rewards credit card, hotel/travel, student loan refinancing and many more for Member Advantage program. Personal Development: Why are you interested in joining this organization? What benefits can you identify? How could you contribute to this organization’s activities? Do you feel the organization will impact your professional growth or provide career assistance? If so, how? CRNAs play a tremendous role in healthcare. In every setting where anesthesia is required, they are the primary providers in U.S. military around the globe. The autonomy, the value of the profession and professional respect one must receive has given me some motivation to join this organization. AANA offers a scholarship every year where a student who chooses to continue their education from a RN to become a CRNA can be qualified. An emergency educational grant program is in place for student nurse anesthetists facing financial hardship and tragedy like natural disaster. This ruins by AANA foundation and funds vary based on the applicant’s needs and determined by the administration.

Six FREE continuing education credits annually available through and a professional network where thousands of members interact with peers for learning purposes. All these benefits are accessible to members. Students can contribute to this organization by involving in volunteering activities during events such as fundraising, educational awareness about health and wellness, drug abuse, opioid addiction and be part of different committees discussing relevant subjects that can be beneficial to their community. All these can be done either through networking or flyers. With this membership, my personal professional growth will be enhanced through continuing education, scholarship, leadership development and other resources such as online courses, some core modules and that are accessible through either journals or video lectures. AANA has their own library on site for members to look up research information. These materials are accessible to members with an affordable price while learning at their own pace. AANA career center is accessible and free to its members. Job listings and CRNA career opportunities are available to job seekers and advertisers. Members that are seeking jobs can post their resume or email the prospective employers; and able to see how many times their resume were reviewed by employers. (

Professional Organization Standards: After learning about professional nursing organizations in your research, identify ways in which any of the organizations promote the nursing profession and empower nurses. How is health care delivery impacted by professional organizations? Explain ways that a professional nursing organization collaborates with other disciplines and affects legislation (either local, state, or national). Professional organizations can promote the nursing profession with evidence-based practices, healthcare practices and standards, lifelong learning education, health policy, career and leadership development. These professional organizations affect health care delivery when becoming a voice in federal legislation and issues such as ACA, safety and health in the workplace, short staffing, nursing shortage etc. Their motivation for changes in health care delivery creates a critical aspect in people’s lives and helps important decisions and actions for a high-value comprehensive health care reform. Professional organizations collaborate with other disciplines by using adequate tools and resources through networking, effective communication, sharing information and getting feedback from each other while participating in different activities to tackle major social and health issues.

CRNAs are strong advocates for patient safety in the clinical setting, just like the “American Nurses Association (ANA) believes that advocacy is a pillar of nursing.” ( The AANA traces state and federal legislation as well as the regulations that influences nurse anesthesia practice. It cultivates and sustains federal grassroots lobbying endeavors, organizes meetings with the federal legislators and agency officials and attests at federal and state legislative regulatory hearings concerning advocacy strategies and practice. Therefore, because of this initiative AANA is considered and influential advocate for CRNA’s where apprehensions are patient safety, access to quality healthcare services, the scope of practice, along with educational and reimbursement funding and other large legislative issues that are being scrutinized in Washington, D.C. and multiple states across the country. “The American Nurses Association (ANA) supports a legislative model in which nurses are empowered to create staffing plans specific to each unit. This approach aides in establishing staffing levels that are flexible and account for changes; including intensity of patient's needs, the number of admissions, discharges and transfers during a shift, level of experience of nursing staff, layout of the unit, and availability of resources (ancillary staff, technology etc.). Establishing minimum upwardly adjustable staffing levels is statute may also aide the committee in achieving safe and appropriate staffing plans.” (

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