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Shortage of Well Trained Nursing Faculty

Nursing is a noble profession in which nurses have to provide medical health and care to the patients selflessly. It is considered to be the most complex and dynamic profession as in this profession a single mistake can even lead to be the cause of a patient’s death. This profession requires hard work, vast professional […]

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The Americans for Nursing Shortage Relief

The Americans for Nursing Shortage Relief (ANSR) Alliance represents a diverse cross-section of health care and other related organizations, health care providers, and supporters of nursing issues that have united to address the national nursing shortage and the delivery of high quality nursing care to the nation (Americans For Nursing Shortage Relief, 2012, p. 1). […]

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Consequences of the Nursing Shortage

A man named Jay Vandemark at the age of forty-seven who had a stroke last year roamed the halls of Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing with not a single nurse in sight that could help him with putting on his shirt (Rau, 2018). Vandemark described the nursing home as being almost like a ghost […]

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Nursing Staff Shortage and its Impacts

In this essay, I would like to Cover my experience in regard of Staff Shortage and its impact on patients safety & quality of care and factors contributing to shortage and its consequences on Nurses, as a Paediatric Oncology haematology and BMT nurse for 14 years in tertiary care setting in Middle East, and how […]

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Nursing Shortage Across the United States

I. Introduction In recent years, there has been a notable trend of a nursing shortage across the United States. This prominent issue has many contributing factors, such as inadequate job satisfaction, but if the problem is not addressed the number of nurses in the workforce will continue to decline. Additionally, change needs to happen in […]

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American Association of Colleges of Nursing

On June 3, 2015 the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the healthcare industry increased its number of employees by 44,600 from April to May of that year. Among these new healthcare professionals, Registered Nurses made up almost a fifth of the employees hired during this one-month period, leading some to believe that […]

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Nursing Educational System

Citation 1: Richardson, Karlene. “”The Impact of Retiring Baby Boomers on Nursing Shortage.”” The Journal of Global Health Care Systems, vo. 1, no. 1, 2018, Users/crystaldiva/Downloads/547-Article%20Text-2732-1-10-20181011.pdf. Accessed 1 Nov. 2018. Annotation 1: This scholarly journal is about the effects that aging baby boomers, born 1946-1964, will have on the health care system in the United […]

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Nurses – Backbone of Future Public Health System

Nurses take on the roles of empowering patients to actually look at their lifestyle and identify how they can care for their own health. It doesn’t have to be high tech, or even hugely costly, but getting people involved in active lives in our communities will assist the health promotions and well-being agenda for the […]

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Nursing Shortage and Turnover

Modern healthcare is rife with challenges. Nursing leaders and managers are tasked with the smooth operation and maintain safe nurse to patient ratios. In the healthcare field, nursing leaders and managers face constant fluctuations that force them to alter their thinking and the way in which they work. Nursing leaders and managers are responsible for […]

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Nursing Shortage the Cold Hard Facts and Possible Solutions

The United States is expected to have such as large shortage in nurses that it’s going to intensify as baby boomers retire and the amount of health care grows. Nursing colleges and universities across the country are struggling to expand enrollment levels to meet the rising demand for nursing care. According to the American Association […]

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Registered Nurses in the United States

Registered nurses comprise the largest group of health care providers in the United States and around the world (STRUCTURED REVIEW OF LITERATURE). Nursing shortages and nurse turnover raters are becoming an increasing problem for health care administrators. These shortages are causing many hurdles in providing efficient and effective healthcare to patients. The current shortage of […]

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Impact of Nursing and Physician Shortage

Nurse and Physician shortages are the key elements to unrealistic workloads. Due to the staffing issue, higher demands on the nurses affect the care of the patients. Due to the shortage, it forces nurses & physicians to work longer hours, which causes injury, fatigue and burnouts. (Fedele, 2017) Even through varies mental health issues and […]

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Challenges in the Nursing Profession and Healthcare

There is a plethora of challenges in the nursing profession and healthcare field today. Many of which result in effecting patients. A nurse’s number one priority should be their patient. They are responsible for providing the best care to aid patients in recovering back to optimal health. Nurses are crucial in delivering high quality care […]

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Nurses in the American Health Care System

Nurses hold an important and unique place in the American health care system. As members of the largest health care profession, the nation’s 3.1 million nurses work in many different settings. They are the frontline providers. Some nurses work independently and under the supervision of healthcare providers; in hospitals, nursing home, private home, clinics, assisted […]

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