Kaplan’s Help for Nursing Student Become Successful by Passing the NCLEX-RN Examination

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In order to become a registered nurse, nursing students who complete an accredited nursing school will have to pass the (NCLEX) The National Council Licensure Examination. The examination is a way to make sure that new graduates are able to practice nursing within safe means. Kaplan is a program that is a useful tool to understand the types of questions that will be asked on the NCLEX examination and mocks the testing simulation by timing the test. Kaplan allows students to understand concepts for multiple categories within the nursing field by providing rationales for all subjects being tested on.

NCLEX has categories which include safety and infection control, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity, physiological adaption, and basic care and comfort. After taking the NAT examination, the main weaknesses to work on is, making the correct nursing judgements, and setting priorities correctly. Working on these weaknesses by going over the remediations for these types of questions will provide more confidence in passing the NCLEX examination on the first try. Strengths that we highlighted on the NAT were, making the correct nursing judgments and understanding concepts.

Kaplan provides focused review examinations, within these exams they are broken down into categories that apply to all subjects being tested on the NCLEX examination. By taking each of these tests and understanding the rationales for each correct answer, has been one of the best resources to provide confidence in knowing the subjects more in depth. Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 2017 states that you should be able to look at the question on the NCLEX-RN examination questions and break it down to “what this question is asking me”. By understanding what the question is asking will help eliminate some of the answers provided that may not pertain to the question and allow the student to move through the question quicker by not overthinking the question.

In order to study effectively for the semester, time management is the main key in order to be able to get all homework assignments completed along with spending time in didactics and clinicals. Utilizing a calendar with everything broken down allows students to see the big picture and help cross out completed tasks. Each class requires a minimum of 25 hours of study time per week, taking four classes that equals 100 hours in a 168-hour week. A binder that has the courses separated with dividers allows for better organization and helps prioritize what task has priority of being completed first.

Self-discipline is the main factor to keep focused on the main goal, which is to graduate. Allowing small breaks with small rewards such as getting a coffee or making a phone call when a task is completed, helps break things up and allows the brain to rest. Finding the perfect place to study like a coffee shop or library can help with setting the mood to get motivated and focused. Some coping mechanisms to maintain sanity can be as simple as stop whatever you are doing and taking in a deep breath or simply confiding in a cohort going through the same process you are.

Nursing students must apply with the licensure/registration with One Board of Nursing/Regulatory Body in order to take the NCLEX-RN examination. Once applied nursing students must then register and pay the exam fee which is $200.00 and must receive a fingerprint card which costs $50.00. Students will do this through Pearson VUE online and wait for the response that all steps are completed. Authorization to test will be sent by Pearson VUE and that person has 90 days to test (NCSBN, 2018).

On the day of the exam the nursing student will need to bring an acceptable form of ID which includes a passport, divers license, permanent residence card, or military identification card. Upon entering the examination room, the nursing student will not be allowed to have any electronic devices, food or drinks, hats or watches. The student will be supplied a white board with a provided marker and will be recorded via video and audio throughout exam. Breaks are allotted after two and three hours of the start time and exam will be paused during the breaks. Upon leaving the exam the student will be fingerprinted and test results will be sent to the state board of nursing.

Carrington college has a exit interview process which allows each student to go over test results on the predictor examination provided from the Kaplan program, which predicts the odds of the student passing the NCLEX exam on the first try. The Predictor will be compared to the NAT and will determine the growth of each student throughout the 6th semester. Student will complete required paperwork which may include any debts or borrowed items that are owed to the school and be able to discuss future plans and goals with faculty of Carrington college.

In conclusion, Kaplan is provided to help each student become successful by passing the NCLEX-RN examination by getting to know concepts of the questions and understanding of what is being asked. Nursing students should manage their time effectively to stay on track and pass their last semester on the first try. Having quality resources will make each student successful in achieving their main goal of nursing school, which is to become a registered nurse. 

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