Role of Nursing Shortage in Rehabilitation

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These studies examine the numerous treatment and adjustments that are involved in rehabilitation nursing. There are multiple treatment approaches that require multidisciplinary healthcare providers. Rehabilitation can occur in a healthcare facility, community health center, “rehab center”, or in the client’s home (Rosdahl.,2017 p.1804). It is important to remember that expectations of the client’s prognosis should an attainable goal, the key is assisting the client to reach a functioning condition improving the quality of life.

Rehabilitation Nursing: The Care and The Prevention

There are many grief responses that occur because of the client adjusting to their current situation. Early reactions may be defense, shock, and denial. (“This can’t be happening to me!”) The person often is confident of recovery and may also experience fear and anxiety (Rosdahl., 2017 p. 1805). Next, the client often experiences anger and wants to retaliate, asking, “Why me? I’ll get even with someone for this!” (Rosdahl., 2017 p.1805). Many people try to bargain with God or make deals. “I will be a better person if I can just recover.” (Rosdahl., 2017 p.1805). Eventually, the client with any permanent disability must face reality (and may experience severe depression (Rosdahl., 2017 p.1805). As an LPN, our role is to not give biased care to these individuals in how they respond to their situation but give support. Cultural differences are to be taken into consideration when caring for clients, some clients may not respond to the pain relating it to a sign of weakness, some clients are not allowed to answer questions to aid in care because they are not the head of their household, and some cultures believe in a herbal therapy.

Prioritization is most valuable in providing care in rehabilitation. Maslow hierarchy of needs help aid in the sequence of order to assist the client by first dealing with physiologic needs, security and safety, love, affection, and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

Rehabilitation begins with treatment to halt destructive processes and repair functional damage, and it continues with preventing further injury (Rosdahl., 2017 p.1806). Prevention of injury or further injury includes the use of assistive devices, modified equipment, skin care, and client and family teaching. Information about proper body mechanics, cueing techniques, and appropriate mobility aides are key components of family caregiver education on functional mobility (It’s most beneficial to talk about the principles of these techniques while coaching the older adult and caregiver through the desired motions, so they are physically moving as directed while listening to the instructions (Powell-Cope, 2017). A fall assessment should be done to prevent falls and skin care education is invaluable to the client with decreased mobility because the chances for impaired skin has an increase in clients with loss of mobility or sensation. Diversional activities can be used in conjunction with care, this can include recreation sports, pet therapy, service animals, and family friends. 

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