My Experience of Nursing Practice in Florida

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I remember a time that I was taking care of a patient. He was a DNR CMO that was a cardiac patient. He was in his 70s and lived a long life. Through his brief stay on my floor, and I was his nurse, I notice I could not get a hold of his family. I thought it was strange for the previous nurse from PCU stated that he had family that came to visit him before the code that he had. The shift had ended, and I went home. I came back to work that following night. He had passed away. I hear that the patient family refuses to see him. It was like they didn't want to see him in that state, so they fell the care to the nurse. This was strange to me because it went against my personal beliefs. I was taught never to leave your family behind, and the act of the man's family did not sit well with me due to the fact it felt as if the left him at the time of death. But needless to say, if I had that patient before he passes on, I would have taken care of him like he was my family.


How is nursing defined?

As a registered nurse, I defined my position with a great deal of respect and pride to be a one. I defend nursing as an individual who acquires a professional license of nursing to practice in a state. Someone responsible for watching over a person's health, performing clinical tasks, using critical thinking skills, and being the right decision-maker is known to be a professional nurse. For a healthcare system to work effectively, a nurse has to work in conjunction with other healthcare team member. This is to treat their patient with holistic care. The nurse needs to have the right amount of information to apply the principles of nursing. We base our thought process on ADPIE, which is assessing, diagnosing, intervening, and evaluating to make a sound judgment. Nurses need to produce excellent clinical judgment by learning topics such as social, physical, and biological sciences and apply them to your daily work.

What is the composition of the board members?

The compositions of the board members are Florida residential nurses. These nurses are seven members that are required not to have connections to or monitorial interest with a health care company, agency, and insurer. The registered nurse needs to be an advanced registered nurse practitioner to be on the board. The members on the board must over the age of 60 years. This person needs to be a Florida resident. Lastly, the other member requirement is License Practitioner Nursing. (Nursing Practice in Florida: Laws and Rules, 2013)

What type of nursing licenses are granted under the nurse practice act?

In order it is: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Certified Nursing Assistant.

What are the grounds for disciplinary action?

In the nursing world, there is discipline action that is set in place. If a nurse is practicing without a license, caught in sexual misconduct, practicing outside the scope of that license, and indulge in health care fraud: they can get into serious trouble. Also, according to nursing practice in Florida, a healthcare professional can get into trouble by doing a wrong procedure on a patient, solicit business with the use of public, etc. is an example of an act that can cause a severe penalty. (Nursing Practice in Florida: Laws and Rules, 2013). Just like another profession, the offenses that can lead to immediate suspension of one's license is the act of pleading guilty to, being convicted or found guilty of different felonies and misdemeanors.

What penalties are associated with disciplinary action?

A severe penalty that comes with disciplinary action is issuing a Fine, suspension license, the license being terminated and prison time. (Florida Laws and Rules for Nursing)

What are the policies stated in the nurse practice act regarding the delegation of nursing duties? Were your new or previous employer's policies consistent with the state nurse practice act?

Delegation is the transference of task from person to person. The authorization to perform task or activities is done by the nurse. Both CNA and Register nurse, I have to know what task can and cannot delegate. A nurse can supervise or inspection a person through an activity that is done by the nurse. (Nursing Practice in Florida: Laws and Rules, 2013). At my job, a delegation of a task such as taking vital signs to my CNA is permitted in the CNA scope of practice me. Other tasks involve giving baths, and transferring a patient is ok as well. I make as a nurse that my delegation task is not harmful to the patient. I try not to give out difficult tasks that cannot be managed.

My faculty recently upgraded they CNA training to PCT, which means they can do more take such as discontinue IV, transfer patients, and they can take out Foleys. On my floor, more often, the nurses do most of the tasks.

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