Holistic Nursing: Mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment Approach to Nursing Practice

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Holistic nursing is defined as all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal. Holistic nurses have a “mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment” approach to nursing practice. Holistic nursing is base on a philosophy of living and being grounded in caring, relationship, and being interconnected. Holistic nursing recognizes and adds the principle of holistic healing into daily life and clinical practice. Holistic nurses integrate self care, self responsibility, spirituality and reflection in their life.

Holistic nurses know that to take care of others and to start the healing process, they themselves must undergo healing and continue to work towards healing. As a student learning about the principles of holistic nursing it is imperative that I undertake my own self care to grow as a person and as a holistic nurse. My 1st goal that I’m striving for is harmony and balance in my life. My life is very chaotic and I have eased into living with this organized chaos.

After some deep self reflection I recognize that I have become filled with anxiety. Interesting to note, I recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety in my patients, I see their behaviors and their responses to the environment, however I did not recognize my own anxiety or how I responded to my environment. I know that if my patients and family members have to deal with an anxious nurse it will not inspire confidence in my abilities to take care of them. I will have to start releasing the stress and anxiety, create a healing environment and learn new techniques of meditation, deep breathing exercises and imagery to reduce anxiety.

Nutrition is very important as well, and as a person with a family history of Diabetes mellitus it is a necessity for my well being and to maintain good health. I must develop better eating habits. I know I have used the excuse of returning to school to develop some very bad eating habits. I am always eating on the run, or grabbing a snack to keep moving but it is not always good or healthy food. I skip meals and catch up later in the day and I know this is not good for my metabolism. As a holistic nurse I want to be healthy and energetic. I am usually tired, and over loading on coffee. My body is in need of a nutritional reboot, my goal is healthier meal choices.

Lastly, I must add some form of exercise and activity in my life. My schedule is hectic but I realize I must take some time out of my day to take care of myself. I have become very stagnant and I would like to start moving again. I used to enjoy walking, it really helped to clear my mind and usually I would feel as one with nature. I also have a gym membership that I plan on using again as I would like to build a stronger body and a stronger mind. I have 3 goals for my journey into holistic nursing, these goals will help me take care of myself and enable me to take much better care of my patients. 

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