My Investigation Related to the Metaparadigm of Nursing

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The metaparadigm of nursing is a framework that shows how interconnected the nature of nursing, person, environment, and health is (Parker, 2015). By the use of this framework, the impact of technology on nursing practice which has been nursing’s foundation from Florence Nightingale forward is well served (Francis, 2017).

In nursing practice, I have observed the four metaparadigm concepts either directly or indirectly as they are interconnected to each other. For example, each time a nurse provides care, she focuses on the person who can be the patient or family. The nurse always takes into consideration their spiritual beliefs, culture, their preferences, and their socio economic status amongst others. Nurses have been taught to consider the environment as an aspect that impacts patient’s health and recovery. Usually we see patients who because of their geographical location, their culture, and personal relation and mental state either become worse or better. It is vital for patients to be in a conducive environment that is going to aid recovery. In my daily practice as a nurse, I see nurses with technical skills, and medical knowledge gained through experience, taking classes and attending countless nurse competencies as assigned by their various facilities. These nurses show compassion for their patients while providing care, for this also has an impact on patient’s health and recovery.

To be a complete nurse, I believe a nurse has to attend all aspects of patient wellbeing and if truly done correctly, is certain the best care possible is being provided for the patient.

Many people do not take time to care. Caring is central to nursing practice. It is part and parcel of a person. It is not limited to the patient. The family, friends, and community are part of the patient. Taking vital signs, bathing a patient or giving a patient medication is not part of caring. These are assigned task. Caring is showing feelings, having concern, empathizing, noticing when someone needs help and giving a listening ear. Caring takes into account individual cultures, beliefs, and values. It gives the nurse an opportunity to know the patient better, help recognize a patient’s problems and implementing individualized plan of care. According to Watson, caring promotes healing and wholeness (2005, 2010). An example of caring is providing presence, touching the patient, knowing the patient and giving the patient a listening ear. These would make a great difference in the healing process. Caring has always lived with me since the day I was born. I come from a religious family with strict values and beliefs. We lived in a communal society where we share with one another and had concern for each other. I believe my background coupled with my religious beliefs helped develop my sense of service to others.


The official foundation for nursing is education and knowledge. Professional practice includes knowledge from; nursing theories, biological and physiological sciences, social behavioral sciences, professional autonomy and incorporating ethical and social values. Nursing is a knowledge- based profession and so nurses need education to practice. A nurse has to be familiar with diseases and disease processes, to reason and judge critically. A nurse has to know how to do certain procedures to keep the patients safe. For example, without education, a nurse would not be able to safely place a catheter, an NG tube, and take care of a patient with a chest tube amongst others. Florence Nightingale also saw the importance of education and so opened a formal school for nursing. Learning is a never ending process for me. It is always in my nature to learn and apply new things according to needs. I have always loved going to school and getting new information with the evolution of time. I am now enrolled into the Doctor of Nursing practice Program.

Team work

I grew up with the spirit of oneness. My family and I lived as one and took decisions together. I think this has stayed in me and has built the spirit of unity in me. Team work means working collaboratively in a group towards achieving a common goal. No man is an island and so there is need for each other. Nursing depends on team work to carry out its objectives and achieve its goals. I think with team work comes productivity, less stress, quality care, few errors and patient safety which is paramount to nursing. In the book, “Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century”, by the Institute of Health Care Improvement, the importance of teamwork is pointed out. Teamwork is stated as essential in caring for patients with complex problems. They also advocate for effective working teams to be created and maintained.


Nursing metaparadigm which brings out the interconnectedness in the aspects of nursing, person, environment, and health is vital for they are the key areas of focus when it comes to providing patient care. To provide the best possible care to patients, nurses should have personal philosophers in which they believe in.


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