Importance of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing Theory

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I strongly agree with you. I too believe that Nursing theory is essential in nursing practice. It has greatly improved patient outcome over the years. In my discussion I spoke about evidenced based practice as a form of nursing theory. Evidenced based practice is one way in which we reevaluate the care in which we provide to our patients, making sure best practice is used. Evidenced based practice or nursing theory is used as the application of the the strongest and most current evidenced from studies and we use these as guidelines to make sure that we have the best patient care and best patient outcome (Falk-Rafael A. 2005). This makes certain that the patient receives the best quality of care.

On labor and delivery, when women come to the hospitals in labor, they are kept on continuous monitoring and as a result they do not do a lot of ambulating. This is because the concept of continuous monitoring was not fully understood or must I say is not fully understood. Women are often encouraged to lay on their backs, this helps with good quality tracing and if no contraction shows up on the monitor then, most would believe that the patient is not contracting.

However, with much research, nursing theory encourages ambulating during labor, Intermittent monitoring and during this time if the baby looks well oxygenated with accelerations on the strip and no variable, encourage patients to ambulate (Gittlen, S. 2017). For contractions, if they are not seen on the monitor, the medical care provider should palpate to make sure no contractions are felt and speak with the patient. so the patient can verbalize what he or she feels.

In conclusion, all this has been discovered, through much research, trial and error. This is what brings nursing theory to life. It is what causes better, patient care and better patient outcome. As we practice in the clinical setting we generate, questions and to answer these questions we have to put forth research (Falk-Rafael A. 2005).  Research is what is used to guide us as we initiate in our practice. As one practices, you have to be able to apply the knowledge that you have and the skills that you attain. An important part of this is when it comes to a point of you making clinical decisions. In order to make clinical decisions, one has to be able to recall evidenced based practice per decision, all patient care decision should be research based. This is why I think that Nursing theory is essential in nursing practice.

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