Career Research of Psychiatric Nursing

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To take on the task of a nurse I must work hard and be dedicated. The nursing profession requires many long days and sleepless nights. I’ve always known that nursing was what I wanted to do from when I was younger. The reassurance for nursing came when my grandmother was sick and I became a caregiver for her. The first step of action was becoming a certified nursing assistant. I try my best every day to provide the most proficient care to patient.

Program of Study: Nursing

The definition of a nurse to me is someone who provides care to make a difference. Treating families and patients with compassion and respect, making them feel better in their time of need. There are different routes to take to become a nurse as everyone’s approach may be different. My plan is to someday become a forensic/psychiatric nurse. According to Mageto, Omoni, Cabelus, & Inyega (2017), forensic nurses serve as a bride between the criminal justice and healthcare systems. Forensic nurses are responsible for evaluating patients who are court ordered to mental institutions after committing crimes, when deemed mentally unstable. Not only should forensic/psychiatric nurse be aware in the patient care aspects, they require knowledge in law and expert witness skills (Mageto, Omoni, Cabelus, & Inyega, 2017). Completion of the Licensed Practical Nursing Program will enable me to return to pursue my career. The field of nursing has many avenues to choose from. Some may decide to do bedside nursing, while others may choose to work indirectly with an interdisciplinary team. My intentions as a nurse are to make people feel like there’s someone who cares for their wellbeing. I want to be the one who makes a difference in their life through care and prevention. The practice is always changing so it will push me to critically think about decisions that need to be made. I chose nursing as my program of study because the field is so broad. I knew that there would be a specialty that I would be interested in.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

I know that overall mental health is a specialty field that nurses have an opportunity to work in if they may choose to. The role of a mental health nurse is someone who cares for patients with a mental illness or disorder. To help treat these types of patients, I would need training in behavioral therapies. As a mental health nurse I will have an opportunity to make a difference by encouraging a positive recovery. I would want the patients to take control of their lives. However, this can be a challenging task. Ennis, Happell & Reid-Searl (2015), suggests mental health nursing relies heavily on the nurses’ ability to form and maintain therapeutic alliance with clients. They may treat patients with disorders such a depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder. To work in a field of mental health the nurse should be willing to offer a listening ear for the patients, and be there as someone that they can trust. I have been taught that communication and body language is important to help care for patients in certain situations. I know that this is a field where I have to pay attention to detail. Patients’ behaviors may constantly change due to their disorder and I have to be aware of that.

Knowledge of Mental Health

According to Chisholm (2015), mental disorders account for 9 out of 20 leading causes of years lived with disability worldwide and 10% of the global burden of disease. As an outsider looking in on others’ lives who suffer with a mental disorder, we can be judgmental. We often draw a negative view of the person before even knowing them. They are associated with dangerous and less competent. I have to think sometimes, you never know what the next person is going through. Mental health deals with how people feel, behave, think, and their mood. When it becomes difficult to solve problems and begin to affect our social interactions with others, our mental health is being affected. There may come a time where the issues are much bigger to handle too alone, and must seek help. According to Thomas (2017), the most common mental health issue present in young people admitted in to hospitals UK include self- harm and attempted suicide associated with depression and anxiety. Depression and Anxiety are both mental disorders that have no definitive cause. However, depression does have with prolonged sadness and loss of interest. Depression can also affect how you think, feel, and behave which could lead to an emotional roller coaster. Stress can lead to both depression and anxiety. Therapy and medication would be the best treatment to help decrease symptoms.


Because of nursing I have learned discipline, organization, and the importance of personal health. As a nurse I will have the opportunity to help ones’ dark moment become bright. I will continue to advance my education, learning lessons to change lives for the better. As an advocate for my patients, I will challenge, inspire, and provide them with the quality care as if it was myself or family member. Being that the specialty I chose is mental health, I know that these patients should be held accountable. They often feel that they have no one in their corner, my job is to prove them wrong. I want them to know as their nurse and support system I will always be there. When I see that patients understand their illness and the steps we will take to help them get better, it makes me feel accomplished. Nurses have an amazing ability to bring out the strongest in patients at their weakest, and those are my intentions.


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