About Captain Mary Lee Mills Nursing Career

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Captain Mary Lee Mills was born in august of 1912 and died February 2 of 2010 at the age of 98 due to natural causes . Captain Mary Lee Mills was born in Wallace , North Carolina where she attended the Lincoln Hospital School Of Nursing to obtain her degree as a registered nurse. She went on to join the United States public Health Service where she was chief nursing officer of Liberia which started her journey and legacy of who she is today . In 1966 she retired from her position at the United States public health service and began working for United States Department of Health, Education, and welfare where she later retired entirely in 1976.

Around the time that Captain Mills was pursuing her nursing career , World War 2 was a major event that was taking place , starting ever since September 1st of 1939 and ending September 2nd of 1945. Following World War 2 was the Vietnam war which started on November 1st of 1955 going on until April 30th of 1975. During the years of 1943-1948 for World War 2 a lot of nurses where being recruited as they where on high demand to where the government even offered free education for nursing students . There where many opportunities opening for nurses during this time due to the state of the urgency needed by the War. Although not all nurses where war nurses this opened up many opportunities in the field .

During Captain Marry Lee Mills time she has made a difference in numerous parts of nursing. During her time working at United States Public Health Service , serving as chief nursing officer of Liberia she established Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Children’s Ward and began health centers and established the Tubman National School Of Nursing . In 1952 she earned her title as Captain Mills and received her next assignment in Lebanon . Captain mills lived in Arab and while in the country built their first nursing school and continued to progress from there . She was awarded a scholarship and chose to continue her studies in Washington D.C. After officially retiring in 1976 Captain Mills purchased a theatre and dedicated her time to that and her two children .

To this day Tubman National School Of Nursing now called Tubman National Institute Of Medical Arts still remains open providing a path for nursing students to continue and excel. The school continues to follow her practices and even to this day continues to be recognized for the work that they do . When she opened up these nursing institutions she paved a path and created many opportunities for anyone who would be following in the steps of nursing . Everywhere that she traveled she contributed her time , effort, and dedication to expanding and growing in the nursing field. Even after retiring her first and second time she continued to give back to the community through the theatre she purchased and the book she created “The Path We Tread : Blacks in nursing world wide “.

Captain Mary Lee Mills was recognized for her work and dedication and was awarded several international awards . A nursing dormitory was named in her honor and she was one of six who was nominated for the Rockefeller public service awards in 1971 . She was able to escape poverty to pursue her dreams and pave a way for others to follow . With little to work with she became who she wanted to become and made her legacy .

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