The First President of the United States of America – George Washington

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He is someone I admire, because he is one of the reasons why this country exists. He not only helped put our country into existence, but he helped set our country into a country with democracy. This had never been done before, and him doing this is the reason why we have all our freedoms today.

George Washington's eloquent white, curly hair, and rosy cheeks best describe what he looks like. A man with broad shoulders and with great strength. He also was with a great height of six foot and two inches, making him one of the tallest presidents of the United States. His teeth fell out due to gum disease, which made him have to wear dentures. He never wanted power for his fame, but to help unify this country. He was known for his kindness, humility, and great leadership, which all contributed to making this country to what it is today. George Washington was not a very good speaker, but liked writing things out instead. He also was more of a serious person and sometimes had a temper.

George Washington was honored by the United States, when he was put on the quarter and the dollar bill. Having him on these objects help people remember how important he was to our country. George Washington's great face is shown on both of these objects, which make a vivid image to everyone of what George Washington looked like.

George Washington grew up on a rather flourishing tobacco plantation. Even though George Washington did not go to school, he still had a very good education. His father died when he was only eleven years old, making his brother now own the plantation. He became a land surveyor at the age of sixteen. Many of George Washington's skills contributed to him, from being a surveyor.

After his brother died, George Washington now was in control of the plantation. He took control over the planation and a rather very young age. He exceedingly grew the plantation into a great plantation. This showed George Washington's great responsibility.

George Washington then became a general for the British in the French and Indian War. And although things did not go so good for him in this war, him fighting in this war contributed to his brilliant strategies in the Revolutionary War. After fighting with the British, George Washington knew the British's strategies and knew how to defeat them in the Revolutionary War.

Soon division came among the thirteen colonies and Great Britain. The thirteen colonies wanted independence, so they chose George Washington as the Commander- in-Chief of its army. George Washington boldly accepted the offer and was ready to lead his country into independence.

Things were going rough for the Americans until, George Washington's great cleverness got the French to help them. This was the turning point in the war, and gave the Americans hope of winning the war. Soon the Americans defeated Great Britain and won their independence from them.

George Washington had no desire to stay in power, but to instead be in control of his tobacco plantation. But soon the government was falling apart, and George Washington had no choice but to unify the country once again. George Washington and other men came up with a constitution, which made our country into what it is today. This helped unify the colonies and gave more power to the government.

George Washington then was chosen to be the President of the United States. George Washington accepted it and became the first President of the United States. As president, George Washington only wanted for the United States to grow as a nation. He knew that he had to keep peace and not be involved in a war for this to happen. George Washington kept his country in peace by making peace treaties with nations.

George Washington unselfishly retired from being president after he served two terms. He did this because he wanted to be a good example to other presidents of what to do. All presidents followed this example of only serving two terms, until Franklin Roosevelt. It then became a law that the most a president could serve was two terms.

George Washington then went back to his planation to live a normal life. But unfortunately, after being on his planation for less than three years, he took a sickness and died. This caused great sadness not only across America, but across the whole entire world.

George Washington defeated all odds when he won the Revolutionary War, which granted the United States freedom. He also defeated all odds by setting up a government, that had never been set up in modern history. Him doing this, influenced other nations to also set up their nation with democracy.

Without George Washington our country would never have existed. His great boldness, unimaginable intelligence, useful skills, and his passion for our country made our country into what it is today. This is what makes him one of the most important men in this nation. What he did is the reason why we can enjoy our freedoms.

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