Implementing of Bill of Rights for Animals

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  Since the 1900s people have been fighting for animal rights, first with the Animal Welfare Act of 1966, and now with an animal Bill of Rights. An organization named Animal Legal Defense Fund is making a petition for animals so that they could be free from neglect, cruelty, abuse, and exploration. This bill of rights will protect laboratory, farm, companion , and wildlife animals. I agree with the Animal Bill of Rights but to a certain extent, animal should be protected from suffrage and cruelty.

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“Implementing of Bill of Rights for Animals”

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According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA) farm animal are packed together in unsanitary sheds where they cant follow their natural instinct. They also explain how animals are given antibiotics to mature faster and to survive the unsanitary conditions in which they are in, this can later harm our health by creating antibiotics- resistant bacteria. PETA also explains that animal are conscious during every inhumane action that is done to them. For example being skinned alive or placed in hair removal tanks. Based on everything that is done to them in farms , it leads to detention of their health according to A change of Heart about Animals ( Jeremy Rifikin). In a section of his article he explains how animals need affection if not it leads to deterioration of their health and from what PETA tells us the animals do not receive any affection.


By implementing the Bill of Rights for Animals it will ensure that farms treat animals fairly and that they meet their physical and phycological needs. Also according to PETA one million animals are isolated ,caged and killed in laboratories for biology, medical, and curiosity reason. People claim that animals are experimented on for medical research purposes, but according to PETA many of the experiments done on animals do not correspond with humans. One example is one give by PETA where monkeys were tested on with HIV vaccines since they are our closest relative and 85 were successful, but many of the vaccines did not work on humans in clinical trials, it only made them more vulnerable to it.. Even a former director from the National Cancer Institute said that the experiments they have done on mice and been successful are the opposite when it comes to the result of humans. By Implementing the Bill of Rights it will make sure that animals are not in unnecessary experiments and that they are not in any cruel procedures.


According to PETA animals experience cruel procedures such as getting holes drilled into their heads, getting their skin burned off, being put in restraint systems and inhaling toxic fumes. In an article called Of Primates and Person hood ( Ed Young) some countries like New Zealand and Germany have already taken action to protect animals from experiments. In Germany they are creating bills that will support the Great Ape Project an organization that would give rights to Chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. New Zealand is as well trying to obtain rights for animals, their rights would ban the use of animals in experimentation. I agree with the Bill of Rights o the fact that animals should be protected form cruelty and harm, but i also believe that some things should be left untouched. We should continue to consume animals, but we should be aware of how they are treated prior of getting eaten, we should continue to hunt, but be aware of the species population so they do not go instinct. In Hooked on a myth ( Braithwaite) he talks about how we don’t necessarily need to change our behaviors when it comes to animals, we could just adopt a functional cost benefit. We don’t need to change our behavior but just reasonably do something that could help the animals, this would be by implementing the Bill of Rights to protect animals from harm and cruelty.


The Bill of Rights should just be implemented to make sure are not harmed in any way purposely. We could continue to eat, hunt ,and have them as companions, but we just need to make sure that they are treated fairly and not harmed or killed in any inhumane way. Many people feel that a Bill of Rights for animals is a little bit to extreme because it sounds too ridiculous for animals to have something that was created for us as a safeguard for our individual liberties. People also believe that by giving animals a Bill of Rights there won t be a line to draw in why we don’t give anything else rights. For example people might argue by saying that vegetable scream and flowers cry when they are cut, so why don’t we give rights to plants too since they could also feel pain but they would just be using this as an excuse to not give animal rights. The truth is that animals have no way of communicating with us and no way of protecting themselves from us , which is why many people think that it is okay for them to harm or kill them inhumanly.


Even though there are some laws that are implemented for animals they are not respected as they should, which is why we need a Bill of Rights for animals so that they could get the treatment that they deserve and so that there could be justice when something does occur to them. The Bill of Rights needs to be implemented so that animals are free from neglect, cruelty, abuse, and exploration just like the petition said they should In conclusion a Bill of Rights should be implemented for animals so that they could receive fair treatment and to be free from experiencing any neglect, exploration, cruelty, and abuse. Based on evidence animals experience these things and have no way of protecting themselves.. Farm animals are placed in unsanitary conditions and are killed inhumanly , they are given antibiotics to deal with the unsanitary conditions which later can affect our health. Laboratory animals are isolated, caged and put through experimentation that does not even correspond with us. The Bill of Rights for animals is need to make sure that animals are given fair treatment and that they are not taken advantage of.


By implementing a Bill of Rights for animals won t necessarily change everything, only the way that we treat them. People think that by giving animals a Bill of Rights it means that we can t continue to consume, hunt , or have them as companions, but the true purpose of the Bill of Rights is to ensure that animals are give respect and not treated inhumanly.

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