5% of the Population Yet we have Consumed 30% of the World’s Resources

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I personally believe that animals deserve rights, they aren't just objects to take for granted. We must be grateful for animals not only for their nutritional benefits but for helping fertilize plants and maintaining a healthy ecological balance on this earth. And yet we take this for granted because we want to satisfy our appetites. Humans in America are known for being overweight. This is due to all the junk we consume daily. All these processed and fried foods are causing a lot of damage to our bodies. If we don't wipe out the planet first we will end up wiping ourselves out. “Food­ science experts have painted an increasingly grim picture of the public’s ability to cope with the industry’s formulations — from the body’s fragile controls on overeating to the hidden power of some processed foods to make people feel hungrier.”(Moss). All of these unhealthy habits come from knowing that a salad costs six dollars and a burger only costs two dollars.

No one in their cheap mind would choose the salad over the burger. The fact that Americans eat way too much junk food can implicate that they don't have a culture with a good food menu. I was raised in a family that ate mostly cultural foods. It was on rare occasion that my family and I were to eat out. Now as I’m older it seems as though I barely have time to eat at home. As busy individuals, always on a move, we need our food to be that way too. So I understand why Americans are acceptingly obese but that still shouldn't be an excuse to consume the things we do at the rate that we do it. My eating habits are thanks to a not so lenient parental diet.

I was taught that eating junk food excessively can lead to great health risks in the future. (dad diabetes story = realization that what you eat can impact your life) (at the end of paragraph close it with a “lesson” for people to remember) In conclusion, I believe the world still has a chance to survive and prosper as it once did when we didnt take the earth for granted. If we can stop or maybe slow down pollution, global warming, deforestation, overpopulation, overconsumption and everything else that is weakening the earth, maybe just maybe we will survive. Our biggest concern now is slowing down consumption.

We are only “five percent of the population yet we have consumed thirty percent of the world’s resources.”(Leonard). There are many outside forces that play a role in your life and shaping your thoughts that also impact the way you live. Now imagine all those forces being good, being rid of toxic things. That is what it would feel like to live at peace with all the plants and animals and most importantly our planet. Now I'm not telling you to become a treehugger, plant lover, vegan. All I want you to realize is the importance of keeping our planet and yourself healthy. Your eating habits play a huge role in your mental as well as physical health. Remember you are what you eat. Whether you take that as a compliment or not says a lot about what you eat. Now lets save the planet one changed mind at a time.

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