Live Baiting which is Illegal

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Poor defenseless animals are used as live bait for training by being chased and eaten alive. Animals used for live bait are, piglets, possums, rabbits, and kittens. Some greyhound dogs are not even fit for racing but are forced to for the use of gambling. Five dogs are killed each week from racing and most don’t even make it to be five years old. Animals Australia has secretly documented owners of greyhound dogs who race and has caught the owners doing cruel things for training. A man used a bunny as live bait who was to a lure and was flung around really fast so the greyhound dogs could chase it. The bunny was then caught and the greyhou

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“Live Baiting which is Illegal”

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nd tore the bunny a part with his teeth. People would use live piglets, would tie them to a rope and would be hanging so the greyhound dog could follow, chase the animal. The documentary would catch people laughing at the dead piglet who was used for training. These poor baby animals dont deserve to be treated as live bait when there are many other products that can be used.

Greyhounds who race are at risk from injuries. They suffer from broken hocks, legs, and head trauma. 200 dogs are injured and die from cardiac arrest due to racing each week. Some will have an injury that’s untreatable and will have to be killed by its owner. Greyhound dogs are not kept as companion animals, they’re only used for training and racing. Off the track they spend their time in tiny cages and are on a restricted diet to keep them at a racing weight. Greyhound dogs will live up to 12-14 years and many won’t live up to that age. When becoming slow their careers wil, most likely end and will be killed once served their racing purposes.

Greyhound racing has been going on for decades but it ha been a secret and not talked about. Live baiting which is illegal has also been an issue. Dogs have been drugged with cocaine, steroids, and caffeine. The industry’s Greyhound Adoption Program find new homes for these dogs. Families who have adopted realized how loving, playful these animals are and do not need exercise. 536 greyhound dogs found homes in 2014. Australia is one of the biggest countries that legalized greyhound racing. The us has legalized greyhound racing in 39 states, 28 of 49 tracks have been closed. Greyhound dogs should not be forced to race when that’s not their purpose, these animals need to be loved and cared for. Live baiting should not be allowed also, there’s baby animals who are killed when innocent just to be used to train. Animals are miserable for being treated like slaves, this same issue is happening in zoos.

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