Zoo Animals Live in Awful Conditions

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During 2010, an investigator filmed sick animals that were untreated and dead animals who were left rotting on the ground at a zoo. Rabbits were taken to a vet to have infections treated and police took a monkey who was given only junk food to eat. Zoos cannot provide enough space like they do in the wild. Lions and Tigers have 18,000 less space in zoos and polar bears have one million less space. Study shows that 54% of elephants revealed behavior problems during the daytime and showed 61% in a 24 hour time span. “Lions in zoos spend 48% of their time pacing….”(Freedom For Animals). Animals that live in the zoo die quicker while animals that live in the wild live three times as long. 40% of Lion cubs die before being one month old and in the wild 30% will die before being six months old due to predation which does not happen in zoos. Most zoos train the animals to perform tricks as if it were a circus.

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“Zoo Animals Live in Awful Conditions”

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People have claimed that electric goads were used. All animals that are a part of shows that involve to entertain the public spend their lives miserable behind bars. Zoo animals live in awful conditions like, dirty, and nasty barrens. They become bored, lonely, and abused when needing to be cared for. Animals get something called “zoochosis”, a conditions where it causes animals lose their minds by pacing back and forth, hurting themselves, chewing on their fingers, limbs. Entertainment involving animals such as, drive-through safaris, traveling and petting zoos stress out these animals. Drive-through safaris breed animals so much because when animals are small it attracts the customer. When the animals get older, if they are unwanted they become warehoused, some may even end up in auctions, slaughterhouses, and hunting ranches. Traveling and petting zoos often lead to animals being stress.

Traveling to different places, being in different environments, irregular feeding, watering, being mishandled, and extensive public contact. Animals are not left to rest, exercise, or are allowed to be attended by caretakers when sick or injured. When these animals are treated like this they tend to snap. Children and adults have been injured by these animals for the way they are being treated. Many children have also been infected with e. Coli bacteria by just visiting petting zoos. What we can do to stop this is to not visit any zoos. Animals belong in the wild, not in small areas where being stared at all the time. Animals deserve to be free with their own kind.

In conclusion, animals deserve to have rights. Animals should have the freedom to be where they belong, in the wild. They should not be tested for products for humans when there are many alternatives. They should not be getting skinned alive just for a fashion statement. They should not be used as live bait for training purposes. 

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