Animals are Basically the Back Bone of the Human Race

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With the use of the chimpanzees and orangutans in the medical field, doctors will be able to better test the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical drugs that they create. Because of the fact that these particular primates have a very close similar genetic makeup to humans, means that they are the best candidate. Rats are by far the most readily available, but they aren’t really that close to people, but they are used the most. An article by regarding the testing of primates stated that, “results from research on non-human primates can often be applied to humans, and scientists have learned much about diseases, disorders, prevention and treatments for both humans and animals” (europa.ed, para 1). In simple terms, primates like that of chimpanzees and orangutans are basically a window into the human make up. Everything that is learned through them is transferrable to the human race.

If the scientists and doctors are able to find out if their remedies are able work on the chimpanzees and orangutans, then therefore they can adjust the formulas in the medicine slightly so that it will be able to work with the human counterparts. Scientist and doctors can see if the drug will cause any reaction that might be seen as unhealthy, like a flaring up in skin tissue in result to a new pill. Primates like the ones listed are the last line of defense when it comes to curing humanities ailments. “Scientists use monkeys only when no other research model can provide the required information” (, para 8) as states by a primate’s experimentation article from

Animals like rats are great for testing out how a certain make up remover or nail polish would work for example, but when it comes to medical. Primates should be the only ones that are tested. This is because everything that can be learned and transferred, is done through them. Without them, there is not real understanding and knowledge of the human body. Most of the diseases that have harmed the world would not have been eradicated if not for the testing of chimpanzees and orangutans. Only through that knowledge that scientists gained from the testing of chimpanzees and orangutans, were they able to find what was harming humanity.

Even though the use of primate like chimpanzees and orangutans should not be used in medical testing, there are way too many benefits of using them rather than not. Many of humanities medical mysteries and problems could have been solved relatively easier than before with the use of them because of their genetic similarity, the ability to pin point the problem with the ability to find the cure, and the ability to test the vaccines and medicine. These animals are basically the back bone of the human race. They are the closest living things that are similar to people. This means that without them, there would be no chance of solving the problems that have arisen in the same manner of time as with them around.

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