U.S. has not Banned Animal Testing

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The European Union, India, and Israel has proudly banned to sell any product that has been tested on animals. Unfortunately the U.S. has not banned animal testing, but what we can do is to stop buying products that are tested on animals and will progressively go away. Animal testing is unnecessary, cruel, and should end when there are many alternatives.

Technology is evolving and there are many inventions that are created constantly which means they will most likely have ways to test on products that are similar to our skin. former U.S. National Institutes of Health director Dr. Elias Zerhouni has admitted that testing on animals have been a failure (Peta, 2018). Animal testing has proven to be expensive, cruel, and ineffective to humans, so scientists have moved on to find methods that are actually effective to human beings. Methods that were found are vitro testing, computer modeling, human tissue, and cell cultures. Replacing animal testing does not mean putting humans at risk but will improve quality instead of harming poor animals. Vitro testing, “organ on chips”, are chips to contain human cells to imitate the structure and function of human organs.

Using these chips can replace drug testing, drug research, and toxicity testing on animals. They also have tissue models, a three dimensional skin model that replicates key traits of human skin. Vitro testing is a great alternative because it mimics exactly how a human being skin is other than using animals who don't actually have similar traits as us. Computer models of the heart, lungs, kidney, skin, digestive, musculoskeletal systems exist. They can be used to conduct virtual experiments based on existing information….. (Cruelty Free International).

Computer models are able to predict how the drug will react to the human skin and will replace the use of animals. Human tissue are donated skin tissue by volunteers that are both healthy and diseased. These skin tissues are donated from surgery or from someone who has died. Skin and eye models from skin that is fixed up replace the horrible rabbit irritation test. Tissue from dead people has given a more understanding of brain regeneration and effects of Parkinson's disease. Another method with human volunteers is known as “microdosing”. Microdosing provides information of how drugs metabolized in humans. Volunteers are given a small one time drug dose and is tracked of how the drug reacts in the body. Advanced brain imaging and recording techniques replace testing on rats, cats, and monkeys who have their brain damaged. This technique safety allows the human brain to be studies (Cruelty Free International).

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