Why Abortion is Good

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Abortion is a topic I try not to discuss with anyone because it seems to cause as much strife as politics. The history of this subject is quite extensive and truly is as old as the act of getting pregnant itself. It was very interesting to me to find that in the Bible, the book of Numbers, it gives instructions on how to give an abortion. It is called the “Test for an unfaithful wife”. (Klabusich,2016) A ritual that includes drinking what is called “Bitter water” that is supposed to abort any pregnancy that results from infidelity. Historical records suggest that as early as 1550 BCE the Egyptians had practiced abortion. There are several types of abortions currently used, they are: The morning after pill, which is available over the counter. RU486 which is a prescription drug used in combination with other drugs. 

Uterine or vacuum aspiration where a suction tube is used to remove the contents of the uterus. Dilation and Curettage more commonly referred to as a D&C where the uterus is scraped. Saline solution that is used to replace amniotic fluid. Prostaglandin drugs that are used to induce labor. Hysterotomy which is uncommon yet used for later term abortions. Dilation and extraction also known as a partial birth abortion is also uncommon and is utilized in the second and third trimester. (MacKinnon& Fiala,2018) Abortion is an ethical problem because it involves morals and questions about rights and who or what is entitled to them. Which makes it quite the ethical problem for society to work out. I personally believe that it is an individual decision not society’s or the governments. Act Utilitarianism says each case is unique or stands alone.

I very much disagree that what is good for one is good for all. How could that ever possibly be?! We are not cookie cutters, we are all different. As long as women have been getting pregnant there have been abortions. There are people that believe so strongly about this issue that they want to stop it all together, but are we really thinking about what is best for an embryo or a fetus? Our emotions and morals have a way of projecting when we feel so strongly that we forget to ask all the right questions. I am strongly in the Act Utilitarianism category. I think everyone’s situation is different and the answer for me may not be the answer for you. For instance, if I was to become pregnant right now at 45 years old, recently widowed, three children still at home it would, dare I say, ruin me. The consequences for me would be endless, or so it would seem in my head. So, for me this would be a morally right choice because of the consequences it would bring.

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