Arguments against Abortion

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In this paper I will be arguing affirmative that abortion is not right or moral. Every individual human being, upon fertilization, is conceived with and exclusive genetic identification that remains permanent throughout his or her life. Every single human has a constitutional right which demands to be protected. Imagine not having a choice whether or not you want to have this life. How would you feel if someone took away that chance to live? An infant in his or her mothers stomach has no choice. Abortion is the killing of an innocent baby that could’ve grown up and possibly made a difference in their lives. Unlike ungrateful mothers that don’t appreciate the fact that they can actually have a baby. There are people dying for your spot to have a kid. People wishing there was children to adopt but couldn’t because they most likely got aborted.

There are many studies proving that not only does abortion kill an innocent human being it also damages the mother physically and mentally. Studies show that more than 95 percent of women that had an abortion will either abuse alcohol, commit suicide, or abuse drugs. 34-37 percent of women develop an anxiety disorder, or experience severe depression. Anything you do or say to a mother who is even considering getting an abortion will affect them after the procedure. Often women want to have an abortion because the baby was unwanted and unexpected which causes more of a problem mentally because all the negative attitudes going towards the mother for even considering an abortion. Often when people consider abortion they are missing the large picture. Maybe being pregnant isn’t always the problem. Writer, Megan Clancy said “ There are women who are starving that become pregnant; the problem is that they are starving, not that they are pregnant. There are women that are in abusive relationships; the problem is that they are in abusive relationships, not that they are pregnant.”

Abortion not only take the life of an innocent child, it takes away an opportunity for adoption. There is most likely a family that actually wants to have a child but can’t because maybe the woman simply can’t have children, or other complicated reasons. They probably have been looking for a chance to adopt for years now and they probably would have if all the women hadn’t gotten an abortion, just because “she wasn’t ready.” If you weren’t ready, you responsibility was in your hands. You made the choice to not take the right steps to prevent pregnancy. There’s always protection, many different ways of birth control, So you can not say that you did everything you possibly could to prevent the accidental pregnancy, unless you used protection, you took birth control, etc. Of course even with all these preventatives, there is a chance you still become pregnant, and i’ll say it again, it’s YOUR responsibility and you have to deal with the consequence. Killing the “consequnce” is not an answer to your mistake when you had the chance to avoid it.

The procedure of doing an abortion is repulsive. Even “the safest” procedure, also known as the Suction procedure, still harms the woman, The in-clinic abortion is considered the safest procedure still has life-threatening risks, such as death, cervical/ovarian/ and liver cancer, uterine perforation, cervical lacerations, placenta previa, ectopic pregnancy, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Having an abortion can affect when you would like to have children in the future, there’s a chance that you wouldn’t be able to have a kid. 

Most importantly all lives matter even if it is just a baby in the womb. That baby has a heart beat and I feel like that speaks for itself. Murder is murder even if it is a baby that is not born yet. All in all, I feel like abortion is murder and it needs to be stopped. There should be a law that is against abortion because every life is important, and everyone deserves to be able to live the life they have been given.

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