Regret about Abortion

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 Abortion is not a topic that people generally find easy to talk about and are usually open for discussion. The silence about abortion allows myths to start floating around which then creates people wondering. Every woman has a right to choose what to do with their body as in keeping or getting an abortion, but abortion is a very serious situation that should be thought through very carefully depending on the situation.

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“Regret about Abortion”

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Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty eight weeks of pregnancy (Dictionary). There are many different dangers to getting an abortion. The biggest one is unsafe abortion which happens to be very common because some people might not be able to afford it or decide to do it themselves which is unsanitary. Unsafe abortion could possibly lead to death or other things as in complications. Also, there are numerous risks to abortion even in safe and unsafe abortion. There’s anything from blood clots, infections, heavy bleeding, tear or punctures, and so many more things that are pretty bad (Pregnancy Center Directory). There’s even a higher risk of a woman getting cancer (Pregnancy Center Directory). There’s is also a possibility for breast cancer or cervical cancer (Pregnancy Center Directory).

Although it may on very rare occasions be the best thing to do, deliberately killing an innocent human being is very wrong, so therefore, abortion is wrong (BBC Parental Guidance). Choosing to deliberately kill an innocent human being rather than give them a chance at life seems pretty unfair. Abortion is wrong unless it is to save the life of the mother, something very serious, or life threatening (BBC Parental Guidance).

Back the abortion was considered a sin or a form of transgression of morality, and the laws were intended to punish or act out as a deterrent (Berer). Abortion was only ever restricted to save/protect fetal life in some or all circumstances (Berer). Abortion was dangerous and abortionists were killing a lot of women (Berer). Hence, the laws had a public health intention to protect women—who nevertheless sought abortions and risked their lives in doing so, as they still do today if they have no other choice (Berer).

After having two abortions, Margaret Cuthill thought she would have her life together and under control after it being a complete mess; but now she suffers with emotional problems and regrets ever getting those two abortions(Sanghani). Margaret Cuthill is now a pro-life and anti-abortion (who went on to have a daughter)- working for the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline(Sanghani). She said: “I would say abortion isn’t the answer for women. It does harm women emotionally(Cuthill) (Sanghani).” “Many of the ninety five percent of women [in the study] will during their lifetime find it wasn’t the answer for them. I have women coming to me on a daily basis, whether their abortion was three days, five months or ten years ago and who have lived with a secret they’re ashamed of or regret (Cuthill) (Sanghani).”

Over the years, abortion rates have gone up drastically and it’s still continuing to increase. People get abortions because they either thought they were not ready for parenthood, wasn’t that responsible yet, had money issues, or so many more things that were pretty selfish or irresponsible. Since 1978, there’s been anywhere from 280-300,000 abortions just in New Zealand, but over-all there has been 44.5 million abortions between 1970 and 2014.

Many states and countries started to banned abortion because of sex selection, at a certain point in pregnancy, race, or when the fetus may have a genetic anomaly (Guttmacher Institute). In another state or country a woman has to go to counseling on perinatal hospice services before they can even consider or let that female have an abortion (Guttmacher Institute). Many countries still have abortion bans and probably plan to keep it that way. Over the years abortion has been an emotional and reckless roller coaster and it will most likely always be that way unless all countries and states plan to ban it that haven’t already. Abortion has changed people for the better or the worse. Many don’t regret it but suffer from the side effects, others regret it and are suffering the emotional roller coaster and regret that it brought upon them.

Abortion should not be banned but it should not be allowed in any state or country unless it is life threatening, to save the life of the mother or something very serious. Every state and country should make it mandatory for every women go to counseling on perinatal hospice services before they get an abortion. If it is not life threatening, to save the life of the mother or something very serious then if that female does not want the child they then give it up for adoption. 

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