The Abortion Debate: Murder or the Right of a Woman

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Abortions have been talked about for many years and still are questionable. Some people are pro-choice and others are pro-life but people's view on abortions has changed as time went on. Abortion is the removal of pregnancy tissue, products of conception, or the fetus and placenta afterbirth from the uterus (Harvard Health Publishing). Abortions are used for women to end unplanned pregnancy, or for health purposes or many other reasons. Women should not be shamed and called names for doing something to their own body. Women should be able to go into a healthcare office and feel safe. In this article, I read it states” But we are disappointed women will still have to face a barrage of protestors because removing their place of safety somehow slipped through”(Tiaki 8). We are all able to have our own opinion but yet we all need to respect others opinions as well. The controversy in our society about abortions being legal will be an undergoing debate. Abortions should be legal because A baby should not be birthed into the world unwanted and Legal abortions protect women's health.

Women are constantly told every day how they should deal with their own body and their own life. Women need the right to be able to receive health care without being shamed. A child should never be brought into this world if it's own mother or family doesn't want the baby. Women should be able to make a decision about her own body and not be shamed and yelled at for what she decided to do. Women should be able to walk into a healthcare facility and not be humiliated and bombarded with millions of questions because they don't have the same beliefs. We were given the right to freedom and women shouldn't have to suffer because others have chosen their life for them. The number of children who are suffering in group homes, foster care, and adoption is outrageous. Kids shouldn't be brought into this world if they are going to suffer and not live a good life. This is not fair for the mother nor the child itself this is just wrong. In this video, I watched from CBS news it shows how some kids suffer in foster care and never get a home or a family. The quote that was said was “More than 100,000 American kids are in foster care where the average stay is more than two years.”(Strassmann 00:01:49 - 00:02:00).No kid should feel like they are worthless and unwanted because no one will take them in because of choices that were made. The amount of kids who are being put up for care because the mother or father can't take care of the child financially is through the roof. Making abortion illegal will cause adoption centers to increase extremely. Kids don't deserve to be raised in such a bad environment they need to be in a home where the child is loved. Millions of kids go without a home for years or even their whole life.No kid deserves that type of life no one at all should be put through that type of pain. Women need their rights, they know what's right for their body, not the ones standing outside the buildings protesting against something they have minimal knowledge about. Laws need to be put into place because women are people who deserve the rights to their bodies. It's shocking to think other people can control what women do with their bodies and how they go about their health. We were all granted the freedom to be able to live our lives and yet we're being told what's “right” for our bodies.No man or woman should make a decision that impacted someone's life forever.

Every woman's body is created differently and not all women can carry a baby and keep the baby and herself healthy. Protesters think women get abortions only because they just don't want the baby. Not every abortion is a choice some women's health is on the line and the baby and the mother both are at risk and abortion is the only option available. In the article, I read Erica Goldblatt Hyatt talked about her son and how she had to get an abortion because her son was diagnosed with Congenital High Airway Obstruction Syndrome and they told her he wasn't going to make it (Zdanowicz). The word abortions dosen’t mean the one thing people think just killing the baby because the mother wants to. This was one example of why abortions should be legal because some women just have no other option,their life and the baby's life were at risk.No women should be turned down healthcare service because of what people think. After all, others feel that the care isn't necessary because of their own opinion.

Many say that abortions make the baby suffer and they are in pain the whole time. This is all incorrect and wrong in so many ways. There are different stages of pregnancy that women get an abortion. Mainly over 90% of women get an abortion at six weeks which is the recommended time frame for women to get it at. Babies who are twenty weeks and over tend to feel some pain but hardly any states do abortions that far along. Most women have made up a decision of getting an abortion before week eight. If the baby is not getting hurt the laws should be put into place to keep abortions until the weeks were the babies feel the pain which is twenty weeks and over. Abortions are a part of healthcare service and should not be turned down. In the article I read from Hill she talked about how women should not be turned down for care. She stated, “If abortion is placed in the framework of health care, the right to access abortion may then be considered to be an aspect of the right to health”(Hill 501). The people need to stop and think people never know why women are getting abortions. There are millions of cases everyday but for different reasons. Before judging take the time to understand and not only consider what society thinks as a whole.

In conclusion, Women should have the right to do what they want with there bodies at the appropriate stage of abortions. Women should not be turned down for healthcare because the law says we control how women will live their life. We live in a free country and the fact that people around the world don't have rights to their own body is ridiculous. Slowly states are starting to pass the laws about abortions which should have been done long ago. Women should never have to feel guilty because they had to or wanted to make a decision about their body. These protesters who stand outside these facilities are so uneducated because they only care about themselves. Not every woman is the same and not every woman can carry a baby. These people need to start and respect women and what they decide to do. Some may not feel the decision they made is correct but that's life and we will all live. Let the women have their rights just like we all have.No one but the mother caring for the child should have a say on what she wants to do about the child. If it's not there body they should have no say in what women should and shouldn't do.

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