An Analysis of Laws as Part of the Social Problem Abortion and Pro-Choice

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Abortion is the spontaneous or artificial expulsion of an embryo from a fetus. In 1996, roughly 1.37 million abortions took place throughout the world. Due to the many different viewpoints argued and discussed, abortion remains one of the most controversial topics of this era. Pro-choice is the freedom to choose about having or not having an abortion. Pro-choice is right because everyone has morals and opinions and controls their own life.

The law plays a large part in the concern over abortion issues. There have been many laws that have been passed, as well as many that have been tried to be passed but were unsuccessful. Such laws would be the Common Law, FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act), and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

States have tried to ban abortion but have only been able to limit it. Most states have banned abortion after a woman is pregnant in the last three months. This should be as far as conditions and laws should be able to go since it should be up to the mother whether or not she will have the baby.

If a woman does not have the right to choose what she wants to do with her body, her freedom and liberties are taken away. If a woman wants an abortion, it is currently her constitutional right. Why should we have the right to make choices for others? Should we be able to be that controlling of others?

It may be true that abortion may be seen as murder, and it may not be correct, but shouldn't there be exceptions to this? What if a mother was in an awkward situation, such as rape or insemination? It should be up to the mother to choose what would be best for her, not for everyone else. Women who want an abortion badly enough will go to extremes to rid themselves of their unwanted child or mistake. Women have always used abortion and always will, despite what the law or society says.

If abortion were outlawed, the population of orphanages and foster homes would increase rapidly. It would be hard for the world to adjust to a larger population. Even though it may not be correct, in a way, abortion slows the world from reaching the point of overpopulation. Some pro-life speakers believe that it's immoral to have an abortion, but each individual has their unique morals and opinions.

At this point in my life, if I were to get pregnant, I would get an abortion. I don't think abortion would be correct, but I would be afraid to tell my parents or have people find out I was pregnant for fear of what they might think. It would be tough for me to raise a baby my age. I would have to deal with school, and taking on the responsibility of a child would also limit my extracurricular activities. It may be selfish, but I can't handle it.

If I were to get pregnant later in life, such as in my twenties or thirties, I would not have an abortion. At that point in my life, I hoped that I would have a steady job and be able to raise a child.

I do not think that abortion is correct, but that doesn't mean that I would never get one or that I should choose someone else. There are other options, like adoption, but the woman would still have to go through the psychological challenges of having a baby.

The freedom of one's choices should always be their choice. A person will always find a way to get what they want if there is a way and their will is strong enough. We should not have the right to make the choices of others, even if the option is incorrect. Pro-choice is the right choice.

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