Abortion and the Right to Life

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In my first paper I will be arguing against abortion and why I think it is wrong. To start off with the basic understanding of what abortion is, abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removing the fetus from the mother’s body before it can survive outside of the uterus. I feel this is a very important topic to discuss and look into for this assignment because I think there is much controversy surrounding the topic itself. Some people believe that it is right and that the women has the say in what she does with her body, sure she can get the abortion but that does not make it morally right for her to end an innocent child’s life. I will be discussing three arguments and give reasons why I do not particularly agree with those arguments.

For the first topic, starting with the opposing side’s argument: those who say it should be legal say that having a reproductive choice empowers women by giving them control over their own bodies. In my opinion when they say it is “empowering” to women to have control over their bodies, I understand where they might see it as empowering to have a say in what happens with their own body, but to me, they are saying that it is empowering to end a living being’s life on their own terms. I believe that once the fetus has that heart beat it should be wrong and illegal to go on with the abortion. When the human individual is fertilized they are creating with their own unique genetic identity, this remains unchanged throughout their whole life. This human has the right to live, and this right must be protected. I feel that every human should have this great opportunity to live and do great things, but if the mother chooses abortion they do not get that chance to do so. So I argue against this reason, why can’t the child live? Life begins at conception, so an unborn baby is a human and it begins with a right to life. Sure a baby should never be unwanted, but to say this baby should not come into the world unwanted is wrong. By saying this we are creating a culture where human life is disposable. This is wrong. No human life is or should be “disposed” if he/she is unwanted. The legalization of abortion suggests that human life has little to no value. It is a little unsettling to me to think that there are children who don’t have that chance never get to see the light of day.

The second argument states that abortion give the pregnant woman an option to choose not to bring the fetuses with disabilities to full term. Many might believe its to end their suffering or they might not want to bring them into this world if they are “different”. My argument against this is that I feel that this is some kind of “selective abortion” meaning that the women chooses if they want the baby due to it being different or not. I feel that this is discrimination and any baby deserves the chance at life. Physical limitations really do not make those with these disabilities less humane. While doing research, I found the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, this act gives civil rights and protection to people born with disabilities so they can live well lives. People with down syndrome are still valued members of their friend, and families. They also still contribute to society as much as person could.

The third and final argument is this: Women often use abortion as a form of contraception, that being said if they cannot afford the baby they will go about with the abortion to avoid being in that situation. I slightly disagree with this point. Women should know the responsibility that comes with being a parent and guardian. People need to take responsibilities for their actions and accept those consequences having intercourse even with contraceptives are used can carry the risk of getting pregnant. In my opinion the unborn baby should not have to be punished for the mistake made by adults that made this decision. If women are not ready for this kind of responsibility, instead of abortion, they could always put the child up for adoption. At least they will have a chance at life.

To summarize, I am pro-life. I feel that abortion shouldn’t be an option and the unborn child should have the right to life and have the chance to live. Once the fetus has a heartbeat it is considered a living being and has that right towards life. Women should definitely be empowered but when it comes to an innocent life that life shouldn’t be taken because of the mistake made. Even if the baby having a disability, he/she has the right to live and should have the same opportunities as a baby without the defects. Adults should really think about the risk of pregnancy and if they really want the baby before they risk having an unwanted child. It should always start with a discussion, or always using appropriate contraceptives if they don’t want to have that higher risk, and if the mother feels she is not ready to have a child the two adults should really think about what they are getting into. Being unplanned at birth myself, I am very thankful to have this life and had this opportunity to experience all that I am. Life is a gift and should be experienced by every human. 

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