Why Abortion should be Illegal

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I am going to write about my opinion on abortion and how I feel and about the history of it and why I think abortion is somewhat ok. In every women life it is some that are struggling and just not ready for a kid and some are just too young to care for a child but there are some women that are put together and just don't want to get pregnant and just waiting on the right time to get pregnant and if they do and it’s not around the time that they planned and they just not feeling it they would just abort it because they are not ready for another life besides there own many mothers got through thinking about being a fit parent and that is one reason why they choose to abort the child and some of them just can not care for the child so either they abort the child or just give it away or the father tells her to abort it because he is not ready for a kid I think the mother should always have the right what they should do with there kid and there body it doesn't matter if anyone tries to force you to get rid of your child even if they are not happy with you it’s not there choice.

According to prochoice website it states that in the mid 1800s that they wanted to put a law on abortion but the state really down with making laws about abortion and wanting it to be illegal in its states “The motivations for Anti-Abortions laws varied from state to state and they were too high for the “native” Anglo saxon women ”this means that the abortion rates were too high for these “Native” Anglo so they wanted to cut down the abortion rates because the numbers were too high. (Henshaw) There are to many abortions and some of them are very dangerous the way they take a child out and when doing many mothers can either get sick or die from some of the medicine or if they are bleeding way too much. It states that some of the technologies they use can cause permanent damage or even scrap too much of the uterus wall off “The maternal and the infants with morality without the material that they used today would cause rates that were very high.” (Henshaw)This is why i'm siding with not giving a child up because off the pain that the woman feels during that moment of time is very hard to handle and many females has that feeling like I don't want to get rid of this baby but she has to because she knows she not prepared or ready for a child of her own. The medicine that they were giving females back there were medicines that people did not know of but they really didn't pay no mind to that because the doctors where all ways trusted there doctors because they knew that was the only way to get there abortions.

In the United States of America there were so many things thats were surprising in the history of abortion and why they made it legal because back then many females didn’t really care about aborting a child because it was so common and they didn’t think nothing of it, they did not make a seen about it but there was many services and many businesses there were open to giving females abortion. Then they are giving the females drug that was unknown and it made them get rid of the kid and this quote tells you I am describing to you “There were drugs that would induce in abortions and there were many businesses booming,and if the drugs didn’t work women could visit practitioners for instrumental producers.” (Ravitz) This is from cnn and it does have a lot more about abortions and what they use to get rid of the baby. According to the historian Leslie Reagan there was a book written about abortion in the United States of America in 1996 and it was voted the most comprehensive book. It was basically about the supreme court and what they thought about and what they thought about abortion and women health vs the Hellerstedt which was a abortion case to hit the CourtHouse in two decades. And the court had went to trail and this quote will tell you what happened while they were going through the court case “ With the ruling of 5-3 in the court and it had shutdown the abortions right groups.” (Ravitz)Basically this quote is showing that the quote is showing that the court won and they had shutdown Texas law against abortion.

he current policy on abortion is that it is the Parent choice to get rid of a kid if they did not want the child.But When the Supreme court was handed down in 1973 there was another case called Roe vs. Wade and the states has constructed work with the abortion law, when the woman had circumstance or anything that had caused them to have a abortion should go to a licensed doctor instead of someone that does not know what they are doing.(Keneally) There are different ways to abort a child with Gestation and what that means is the point at which an abortion becomes late-term is often related to the "viability" (ability to survive outside the uterus) of the fetus. Sometimes late-term abortions are referred to as post-viability abortions and there is partial birth is a late-term abortion of a fetus that has already died, or is killed before being completely removed from the mother.(Google)

There are many facts that we need to know about having abortions, many facts that we need to know about having abortions, many of these producers are not safe there are all different kind we have to mindful of what we do our bodies. There is one when they take a tool and they scrape the inside of your uterus wall to make sure they can cause damage to the female because after that it just bleeds and it is very painful. There is another way they do it they give you a pill and it's kind of easier but it hard for the parents because it's kind of easier but it falls out just like a miscarriage as of November 21st 2018 the abortion rate went to its lowest rate ever in 10 years. (Keneally)

But there are to many that does think that people should abort there child but what I think is that it is that person choice to do what they want with there bodies. Many people are not ready for the responsibility yet so I think that it is fair for them to do it but not all the time cause that is bad for our health. As November 21st, 2018 the abortion rates has went down in the united states CNN says that it had dropped to there lowest ever in 10 years according to the reports that had released. Going back in 1969 the CDC had finished the abortion surveillance to measure all of the numbers and the characteristics in woman that gets legal information that goes out the central health agencies in all 50 states that track abortions.( Ravitz) But I think that abortion is ok at a certain point because some people can really want to have the baby but they just can’t right now.

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