Different Aspects and Views on Abortion as a Procedure

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Late term abortion is an abortion that occurs when the fetus may be able to survive outside of the mother’s womb. Currently 36 states have a ban on late term abortions. Most of these states recognize anything after the twentieth week of a pregnancy as “late term”. Those that advocate late term abortion support the opinion that it is simply the woman’s right to choose whether or not she continues with the pregnancy.

Key Viewpoints

The first viewpoint on abortion is that it is a woman’s choice whether she has an abortion or not. This is the belief because the fetus is viewed as an extension of the mother’s body. Those who hold this view say that late-term abortion should be acceptable if the mother’s or baby’s life would be in danger. In one example when the Zika virus has infected the mother; while the baby may look normal in early ultrasounds, but later in the pregnancy birth defects could start appearing. Even though abortion becomes less of an option later into the pregnancy, birth defects are more likely to appear later in the pregnancy. Pro-choice advocates argue that this is why late-term abortion should be ok.

The second viewpoint of late-term abortion is that they are only performed when in the best interest of mother or fetus. In an article posted by Rita Panahi of Herald Sun Newspaper in Victoria, Australia, Ms. Panahi explains that she is pro-choice but still does not support late-term abortions. She goes on to say that only extremely pro-abortion advocates could support a healthy and viable fetus being aborted (Panahi).

The third viewpoint of late-term abortions is that no abortion should be ok, especially not late-term abortions. Those who hold to this view often do so because of religious views. Others hold this view because of the belief that abortion is morally wrong, and some consider it murder. A new act called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act has been considered a few times now. This act would protect any unborn child in the womb who could feel the pain that an abortion would cause. Unborn children start feeling pain between eighteen and twenty weeks (Knowledge Source: Late-term abortions).

Summary of Personal Views

I believe abortion, in all aspects and no matter what point in the pregnancy it takes place, is murder. I understand there are situations, such as rape, where the woman does not want the child. Other reasons, such as, if having the baby would threaten the woman’ s life, where I could see abortion as an understandable solution. While I do not agree with the decision to end a babies life, I can understand where the woman would be coming from. In 2016, South Carolina joined the growing list of states that have banned late-term abortion. South Carolina defines a late-term abortion as an abortion taking place after the twenty week mark (Jarvie). I strongly believe that a woman who has an abortion late-term should be held accountable for her actions and possibly face criminal charges. I understand the argument of- our orphanages are already full. While this may be true, I believe every child, born or unborn, should be given the chance to live. I believe that an effective way to help our orphanages would be to reach out to families who are already looking to adopt. If a couple is willing to adopt, the government should do all in their power to keep the cost of adoption low and make it easier to adopt.

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