The Abortion Facts for

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Abortion is one of the biggest issues debated around the world today. Abortion is legal in the state of Nebraska under specific regulations; only if the fetus is before viability or if the women is a victim of abuse or neglect. Many disagree with the law due to religious beliefs, personal morals, and many other reasons. Women fear being judged and can’t often afford to get the procedure done since it isn’t covered by most health insurance companies. My bill helps all women have better, safe, and more reliable access to abortion care. A huge factor when debating abortion is that fetuses can feel pain during the procedure. According to a Britain Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “the cortex is necessary for pain perception.

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“The Abortion Facts for”

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The cortex does not become functional until at least the 26th week of pregnancy” ( The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stated, “science shows based on gestational age, the fetus is not capable of feeling pain until the third trimester” (Kate Connors). There is no actual scientific evidence that support that fetuses can feel pain in the womb; all the evidence is based on experience with no supporting facts. Most abortions happen way before the third trimester, they are usually done during the first trimester and sometimes at the very beginning of the second. Only in rare extreme cases (if mother’s life is endangered) will an abortion happen during the third.

Another problem for women considering abortion is if their health insurance will cover the procedure. Nebraska state law states, “Health insurance policies under the ACA may cover abortions only when the women’s life in endangered.” This causes women to have limited options on how they would like to proceed with their pregnancy even if they believe abortion is the best option for them. There are many free clinics that women can go but they are often flooded with judgmental protesters. To go to these clinics’ women must sacrifice their pride and their comfort to get an abortion. This can be one of the hardest decisions that a person has to make. No one deserves to be ridiculed for a decision that they needed to make.

One of the main objectives of this bill is to educate people on what is scientifically happening inside the womb and not let their own personal beliefs stand in the way of others. A study will be conducted by ACOG to test viability function on the fetus in the womb to see if the fetus can feel pain. With the scientific evidence provided from this study the now standing law will be changed or improved to meet what the results will state. This study will give definitive proof of what fetuses actually feel. This study may not change the minds of others and their personal beliefs, but it will forever keep the law scientifically correct.

This bill will also make health insurance companies required to make abortions accessible to every woman no matter their plan. Without affordable care for everyone, some women will start to take matters into their own hands. They will have illegal abortions in back alley ways and with unlicensed medical professionals just to get the care they so desperately deserve. When others do not realize that this issue is a big part of society and don’t take it seriously, they are showing women that what is happening with their bodies and choices do not matter.

Health insurance companies need to add this to every policy as they would for any other health concern in the world.  If this bill is passed it will benefit all women. Women will have access to better, safe, and reliable health care services. Every woman will have affordable abortion care, and everyone will be educated with the new data. Every woman can receive the benefits of this bill if they are under the limitations of their state law. This bill also benefits many families as well. It will decrease the number of babies that are borne into unwanted homes or the ones that are borne with defects due to smoking and drinking. This bill can safe so many children from growing up in horrible places and having horrible lives due to parents that were pressured into having a child they did not want.

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