An Analysis of the Pro Life and Pro Choice Views of Abortion

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Abortion. What is it exactly? Is it a just form of birth control, a way out, or is it an unmerciful slaughtering of an innocent human being's life? Abortion is a process in which an unbom baby is killed and taken out of the mother's body, by some means. Most, all of which are brutal and liable to make your stomach churn and heart flutter with queasiness. The most important things I would like to leave you with are how these brutal types of abortion are immoral and unjust what abortion really is. and I will also tell you of one woman's life after her abortion, her regrets and sorrows.

Many people believe abortion is a good reason to have unprotected sex. Abortion is an excuse for birth control. No. Abortion is not the answer. Killing an innocent baby, taking away its little life is not a good answer to that problem. Abortion is just a horrible, brutal, murderous process that people make out to be "okay because of the mistake they made! Well, other options are out there for those of you who can't in any way care for a child. Killing is not the answer, if you ask me. Abortion isn't a medical process to take care of a problem, it's a death sentence!

Now, most people I have talked to think there are only a few ways to abort a baby. Well, I know of a few that you might not be aware of. If these examples of brutal conduct don't persuade you to be prolife I don't know what will. First, they have the most common of the surgical methods. The vacuum aspiration method. Basically, they dilate the woman's cervix with various instruments and then stick a tube inside sucking the baby out, alive, into a jar to check if the baby is truly dead. That's like sticking a standard high-power vacuum into a woman's cervix to kill the baby. Two more surgical methods they use today are D&C (Dilation and Currettage), and D&E ( Dilation and Evacuation). In D&C a loop-shaped steel knife is inserted into the vagina and then into the uterus. The cervix is then stretched open. The abortionist cuts up the baby into tiny pieces and slices it away from the bowels of the uterus. D&E uses sharp-toothed pliers to pull and grasp parts of the baby's body apart. Keep in mind that no fetal anesthetic is used. Bleeding is immense. The last of the surgical methods I'm going to talk about today is a hysterectomy. This is like a mini Cesarean. The woman's abdomen is cut open and the fetus is removed from the womb alive.

Some medical methods or chemical abortions are Prostaglandin and the abortion pill. Prostaglandin causes the womb to contract delivering the baby prematurely. Abnormally painful labor occurs, accompanied by gastrointestinal pains. Often drugs are given to make sure the baby is actually dead. The abortion pill kills the nourishing lining for the baby, causing it to die and eventually flush out of the mother's system. Prostaglandin is also used for more effectiveness. Often times women are left to bleed at home. These examples go to show you what type of sick-minded people have abortions They are no different than murderers.

One lady's experience with an abortion immediately converted her to become pro-life in her views Kathy, a typical young college sophomore, had an abortion on November 23rd, 1979. She was Catholic, had morals, but had no boyfriend and was afraid to tell her parents. What option was best for her? An abortion. Immediately after aborting her baby, her life spun out of control. She soon became an alcoholic. She lives everyday knowing she killed her own flesh and blood. She goes through therapy session after therapy session because she has to live with the fact that her child never had a chance.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say that abortion is not the answer. It isn't the only way out. It will only cause you pain and it will haunt you down the line. So be smart and choose pro-life!

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