Abortion is Murder

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The term abortion is very crucial in some peoples lives. Whether you experienced a situation like this yourself, or you’re just thinking of the particular subject, everyone always has their own views. Abortion is nationally known as terminating a pregnancy and ending a child’s life while still in the womb. When the topic of abortion is brought up during conversation, it generates plenty of positive and negative emotions. Whenever I speak to members of society, their views allow me to broaden my ideas of what may be acceptable when it comes to an abortion, abortion being a form of murder, as well as the impact it may have on the mother who has this procedure done. Throughout society and regardless of who you are, each person is entitled to their own views and opinions of what abortion is.

Initially, the overall societal view of abortion is different in the minds of each person. Myself being the person I am would never take the route of abortion. I’m a young mother (still) of a three-year-old. I had my daughter at the age of 19. I had just graduated from high school, I lived at home with my mom, and didn’t have a high paying job. Even though I wasn’t in the best financial spot in my life, it didn’t stop me from taking care of my daughter. I applied for college, I got a better paying job but not by much, ended up saving money and now after all my hard work, I knew furthering myself was in not only my best interest, but my daughters as well. Regardless of the views from my family, friends, and people from my town I still managed to give my daughter a great life and I sacrificed my own needs and wants to make sure she was thoroughly taken care of. My opinion of abortion is if you’re in a good spot to take care of your baby, do it and be selfless. But you know you’re in a bad spot physically, mentally, or financially I personally view it’s ok to have an abortion in this stage. I feel as though people shouldn’t be selfish and have a child live in a negative environment. A baby shouldn’t be put in a world that they may be mentally abused, abused by drug use when their mother was pregnant, and even being malnourished.

Secondly, even though abortions are extremely important they also have negative impacts on the mother. Abortions may make the mothers regular emotions irregular. Abortions could bring on suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, anxiety, and many more negative emotions and relationships. Abortions also have a negative impact on the people the mother surrounds herself with depending on how the mother takes the loss of her child even though it was done purposely. Some woman however are coerced into abortions which causes the situations to be even worse. This makes the mothers emotions worse because they didn’t want this procedure done.

Lastly, abortions are a form of murder in my eyes. Are they really murder? My opinions are half and half when this question occurs. Murder is a reoccurring practiced thought of killing someone else. People plan or even know that they’re going to kill someone especially when it comes to killing a baby. However, the week of the fetus is a great factor when determining murder. I don’t consider it being murder unless the fetus is greater than the week of being just a sperm and egg. There are many different answers figuring if abortions are murder. The answer mainly depends on what your views of murder are personally because it’d reflect on your personal views of abortions.

Overall, abortions are viewed differently in the eyes of everyone in society. Before my overall research I was completely against abortions. I didn’t believe in abortions and found that they should be made illegal. But after I did my research I realized the several selfless reasonings on why there may be reasonings for abortions that are appropriate. Everyone has their own opinions of abortions but the only opinion that matters is yours. I get my overall satisfaction seeing society do what’s best for themselves and controlling what they can actually handle. Some people say abortions are the easy way out, I say if the time isn’t right then that’s what should determine your choice. I hope people go throughout their life doing what’s actually best not being selfish especially when it comes to children. The thoughts of each member of society and the consideration of abortions being murder (or if they aren’t), is highly questioned within the different cutlures and members of society. Everyone has their own opinions and views.

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