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Ecommerce | Business Dissertations

2.1. Introduction to e-Commerce ‘Electronic commerce (e-Commerce) is such a service offering people the opportunity to do their shopping via modern information and communication technologies at home’ (Schultz, 2007). It enables everyone to conduct business via the Internet. The only precondition is a computer and a connection to the Internet. The term e-Commerce is becoming […]

Pages: 39 Words: 11817 Topics: Computer Security, Credit Card, Economy, Online Shopping, Research, Travel Agency, Trust

Business Development Plan and Customer Relationship Management

1.0 ABSTRACT Customer relationship management(CRM) consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospectivecustomers. CRM in its broadest sense simply means managing all customer interactions. In practice, this requires using information about one’s customers and prospects to more effectively interact with its customers in all stages […]

Pages: 25 Words: 7471 Topics: Bank, Economy, Employment, Foreign Exchange Market, Travel Agency
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Tourism Tour Operators | Tourism Dissertation

Chapter 1: Introduction Outline This research focuses on three UK holiday companies Kuoni, Thomas Cook and STA Travel and their marketing strategies. This research is comprised of following chapters: Rationale This study highlights many issues related to marketing of tourism companies; more specifically it will be looking at the three companies mentioned above and will […]

Pages: 20 Words: 6145 Topics: Economy, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Strategic Management, Travel Agency

Starting a Small Business

Staring a small business require the entrepreneur skills such as self-belief and awareness of the product or service, self-determination, commitment to work for quit long hours, to be initiative and proactive to reduce the possible risk etc. My business idea is to open the travel and tourism agency here in Muscat Oman which is located […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2562 Topics: Economy, Marketing Research, Research, Travel Agency

Airlines Strategy Analysis

A CASE STUDY OF DELTA AIRLINES Creative Media Services Research Team: Todd Beals, Matt Tucker, Mary Vick 12/02/03 Mission – to be an air carrier with superior customer service that provides air transportation for passengers and cargo, utilizing low-cost carriers and regional jets throughout the United States and around the world. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: 1. […]

Pages: 20 Words: 6008 Topics: Competitive Advantage, Economy, Employment, Strategic Management, Travel Agency

The Negative Effects in the Hospitality Industry

The negative affect of trends in the leisure industry. In the following essay, the researcher will be concentrating on the negative affects which arise when following the trend in the hospitality industry, in particular online bookings versus the gold old travel agency. Over the years, it can clearly be seen that a trend towards online […]

Pages: 2 Words: 476 Topics: Economy, Travel Agency