Malibu in Paradise

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The warm sun casting over the sugar white sand as the waves crash upon the shore, a tiki bar in sight selling refreshing beach drinks. In a Malibu ad that drew attention to many, portrayed this scene of summer. The scenery produces something social yet fun, that will attract the crowd they are trying to reach. When thinking about summer, think about being out in the sun, or in the water of some sort, so why not have a cold drink to make it better?

The beach is where I grew up, a place I called home. For some, they are not this lucky and use the beach as an escape. The scenery in this ad has the beach in the background almost making it too hard to resist. A type of liquor that buyers can handle on hot days by the water, not just to be enjoyed at the beach, but by the pool, the lake, or any water setting. Sitting out on the chair, with the waves splashing your toes, a nice light drink to enjoy in the sun that will not make your stomach feel icky. Of course, being of age is required to consume this drink as it displays “enjoy Malibu responsibly”.

With this ad, Malibu is trying to reach a certain crowd, the social butterflies perhaps. The ads choice of drink, which looks like a Pina colada and the setting they put themselves in, an outdoor bar on the beach. Pina Coladas are your fruity drinks, which is a social drink. Coconut rum is not going to hit the eyes of a beer lover, because they are used to a palate taste. The social butterfly group consists of the ages 21 through 30, they aim for the younger drinking generation because buyers tend to go with more of what they are comfortable with and where alcohol knowledge lies. The drink is set upon a beach table with a split open pineapple and coconut in a cocktail glass garnished with pineapple and colorful straw. They want to hit the crowd of people who love cocktail drinks as much as they love summer.

Malibu wants to share a message of having fun on the beach while enjoying a cocktail with the company the buyer enjoys. The ad was a ruse to gain a specific buyer into the company’s consumer base. A visual image shows that the advertiser understands the tone of their audience through the drink base they choose. This advertisement creates a perception of what this product has to present, by generating a habitat that looks unchallenging and alluring. Malibu is extremely in demand and effectual because of all the practical standard that it holds. The utilize of color, identity ambiance, and the known label, the audience feels a perception of comprehension towards the substance.

Malibu pulls you in with the beach, the tiki bar in the back, the pineapple and coconut lying next to the fruity cocktail. Malibu is trying to persuade its customer with Malibu making the beach more fun and enjoyable while keeping it responsible. Proudly can say, Malibu wants to become your summer drink of choice.

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