Medieval Time Travel

My research topic is about, how did the disease and medical health in the 19th century evolve from then until now? The way I’m going to support this topic is by, finding the percentage of deaths from diseases in the 19th century and comparing them until now. I also want to figure out some of the diseases we completely vanished. By trying to figure out how things changed I decided to work on three specific diseases. Which are Cholera, and Yellow Fever.

My inspiration for doing this specific topic, is because growing up I’ve always been interested in history, also my mom does a lot of research on medicine do to her job and I’ve always been interested in what she does and doing this topic gives me a chance to go back and look into history and learn about how far we have come from those times. I guess you can say I’m interested more in knowing the progress of where we were at, to where we are now. So the first disease I’m going to talk about is Cholera.

Cholera is an infection of the small intestine, is transmitted primarily by drinking water or eating food that has been contaminated by the cholera bacterium. Cholera causes severe diarrhea and dehydration. Left untreated, cholera can be fatal in a matter of hours, even in previously healthy people. Every year, cholera causes an estimated 3 to 5 million cases, and 100,000 to 120,000 deaths. The last outbreak was recently in Haiti.

The cause of it was because of the drastic hurricane, tornado and earthquakes they have suffered from the past few years. There was one big major outbreak in London in the 19th century. In London and Newcastle in 1853 killed more than 10,000 people. The disease broke out again in London in the summer of 1854, first striking Southwark and Lambeth south of the River Thames. It hit Soho with a vengeance on Aug. 31, killing 127 people in the first three days of September. Dr. John Snow theorized that cholera reproduced in the human body and was spread through contaminated water. He believed that sewage dumped into rivers and cesspools near town wells could contaminate water supplies and cause cholera outbreaks. Presently, the following infection I’m going to discuss is yellow fever. Yellow fever is an infection brought about by an infection that is spread through mosquito chomps. Indications take 3– 6 days to create and incorporate fever, chills, and cerebral pain, spinal pain, and muscle throbs. About 15% of individuals who get yellow fever create genuine ailment that can prompt dying, stun, organ disappointment, and now and then passing. Yellow fever is big in Argentina, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago. The big outbreak of yellow fever was in new Orleans during the 19th century. 1853 denoted the pinnacle of the yellow fever plague in New Orleans. In that year alone, 7,790 individuals died.

Yellow fever was feared to the point that it was frequently called the “American Plague.’ In 1853 generally little was thought about the transmission cycle of the sickness or how it was spread. Aedes aegypti mosquito was the mosquito that was the cause of the yellow fever outbreak. Now let’s talk about some of the authors that have helped me learn and get info about these diseases and compare them from past to present day.

First up is, Mary Dobson. Dobson wrote the book Disease in 2003. Dobson is an historian of medicine and an expert in the history of tropical and infectious diseases. She is the author of numerous books and articles ranging from academic titles to popular science and history. Second is, Richard Barnett is the author of the rewrite of The Sick Rose in 2014. Barnett is a medical historian and the author of six non-fiction books: Medical London: City of Diseases, City of Cures, The Daedalus Book of Gin, and a trilogy with Thames & Hudson: The Sick Rose, Crucial Interventions, and Smile Stealers. These two books were my main sources. They really helped me a lot especially with visualizing what the deceases looked like and explaining to me what they were. I’ve arrived at resolution in the wake of doing my exploration that the world has changed a ton since the nineteenth century.

Chiefly in light of the fact that there has been more assets given at that point there was some time ago contrasted with now. Something else is individuals really are doing examination and testing these thoughts and prescriptions out before simply endeavoring to fix somebody. Despite the fact that the web and innovation bigly affect specialists now, regardless they need to invest the energy and hours to ensure everything is correct. This examination was extremely a good time for me and it instructed me about sicknesses I had no clue existed and it has illuminate my insight a great deal.

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