Tips for First Time RV and Tiny House Owners who are Planning to Travel to Utah

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Whether you are traveling by RV or you have a tiny house that you are planning on living in, there are things you should know when traveling from state to state. A tiny house can be more luxurious than an RV, but just as compact in order to be easily transported. Here are 5 tips for first time RV and tiny house owners who are planning to travel to Utah.

Campgrounds are RV Friendly

In the state of Utah, most all public and private campground’s have RV sites available. If you have a tiny house mounted on a trailer, you can also take advantage of RV sites. RVs and tiny houses have the mutual benefit of being both mobile and condensed, all while carrying your daily necessities. With the right fittings, a tiny house can be transformed to connect to water and sewer access at a campground, just like an RV.

Plan to Travel Scenic Byway 12

Scenic Byway 12 in Utah is one of the most beautiful roads to travel. Along the road are: red sandstone cliffs, rock formations, huge valley vistas, hiking trailheads, deep river canyons and gorges, mountain ranges, green pine forests, cactus, giant boulders, etc. Much of this natural beauty is visible right from the highway as you drive along. The road is windy in places and has several steep grades but is kept in good condition and had plenty of pull-offs. If you are traveling by RV, or tiny house, you can stay in one of the pull offs and explore. There are also several campgrounds along the route, or within close proximity, that you can stay for the night.

Know Your RV and Tiny House Size

If you are planning on traveling Route 9 you will want to make sure that you meet the vehicle specs for the Zions-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. An escort fee is required for vehicles 7'10" wide and/or 11'4" tall or larger which usually includes all RVs, buses, trailers, 5th wheels, large trucks, and some camper shells. Escorts, which are park rangers, are stationed at both sides of the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel to direct traffic and collect the necessary fees.

Know Where the Tiny House Communities are Located

Throughout Utah there are tiny house communities. If you are interested in meeting new people, then setting up at one of these communities may be the perfect destination while traveling to Utah. Some communities offer gardening spaces for their long-term renters, weekend entertainment, and other attractions. Be sure to look into the communities that are available in the areas you will be traveling. One may be just the right fit for you and your family.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Some insurance policies do not provide coverage when towing a trailer, whether it is a 5th wheeler or a tiny house carrier. Check your policy or call your insurance agent to see if you are fully covered. Also check to see if glass coverage is provided for the entire unit traveling and not just the truck pulling the trailer. Nothing is worse than catching a rock in one of the windows of your tiny house and then running into a rain storm.

Traveling by RV or tiny house when you are planning a trip to Utah can be fun and full of excitement. If you are looking for tranquil and relaxing, there is plenty of that to be found, as well.

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