Time Travel, is it Possible? 

Time travel has always been a fascination of many people, including myself, and there are so many questions about it. Such as, what is required to travel through time? There are so many more questions, but no one has the answers. At least, not ones that What is a paradox? How would we even create a time machine? What is warp speed? are confirmed. If we were able to travel at the speed of light then we would essentially be slowing down time, and possibly travel backwards. The essentials we would need, are a machine capable of 670, 616, 629 mph.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to almost anything, but time travel is a different story. The first question we shall answer is “Are wormholes a possible way to time travel?” There are so many different theories dependent upon just one thing… Wormholes. According to Nola Taylor Redd, a “wormhole are two mouths connected by one tube or throat, said throat is used as a passageway between dimensions, or even time zones.” Wormholes are very odd, they are extremely small and haven’t even technically been discovered yet. They are only in theory, it is, however, theorized that a wormhole would most likely be created from a dying star, the amount of dark matter held in that star will most likely cause the creation of a wormhole. Or, as the movies put it, “A rip in the Space-Time Continuum.” Also, according to Nola Taylor Redd, she says that “it would take some sort of exotic matter to be able to withstand the amount of force, and power a wormhole has.” Something of which we don’t have. Wormholes are also Wormholes could be a possible way of time travel, but because we haven’t ever seen a wormhole, it is voted by yours truly, not a possible way of time travel.

The second possible question we could ask ourselves is “What would be the most plausible way to travel through time? Forward or Backwards?” This is a question easily answered. Backwards. Right now as you are reading this paper you are already traveling forward through time. Congratulations you are a time traveler!! Before I continue, would you like to say anything to your future self?…. Okay then, let’s continue. As of now, you are traveling at one second per second, very slow, but you are going forward through time. The only other way to travel through time would be backwards, but we would have to be able to move faster than the speed of light which is 670, 616, 629 mph. Which is near impossible. Scientists can’t even get atoms to move that fast even with a particle accelerator. So therefore, the only plausible way to time travel would be forward.

The third question we could ask about time travel is “Because of Einstein’s theory of relativity, is time travel really a possible thing?” The answer is complicated, but most physicists say “maybe”. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that “the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum is independent of the motion of other observers.” So, what Einstein is explaining is that every law that has ever been created, depends upon the objects that aren’t moving at that time, and that the speed of light can move in a vacuum, is needed by moving observers.” So if we put this theory together, we can assume that time travel would only be possible if we were moving in a vacuum, but there is no light in a vacuum. So the real answer would be no. Researcher Kevin Bosner says, “when traveling at the speed of light, an object’s mass would become infinite. Causing it to need mass amounts of energy to be moved.” 

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