Time Travel Story

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Rose was skipping down the street one day. It was a winter day, and there was about one inch of snow on the ground. Rose was wearing her warmest coat. Her fuzzy boots went up to her knees, and she was wearing her thickest pair of jeans. Rose had flowing, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. Rose's best friend, Kendra, suddenly came skipping up beside her. Kendra had on a purple coat and polka dot boots. She had orange hair and dark blue eyes.

'Hi!" Kendra said. 'Wanna come over to my house?" But Rose didn't hear her. She was too busy staring at a silver, shiny cube stuck in a bush. Kendra looked over to see what Rose was staring at. 'What's that?" Kendra asked. 'I don't know." Rose said, with a confused look on her face. Rose walked over to the mysterious cube. She picked it up. Rose was suddenly filled with excitement and curiosity. There was a big, red button on the top of the cube. Kendra ran over to see what Rose was so curious about. 'Cool!" Kendra said. 'Push the button!" Rose pushed the button. The cube hopped out of Rose's hand and turned into a human-sized rectangle. 'Woah." Rose said in amazement. In big, purple letters read 'The Travel Machine". Under the letters there was a door. Rose opened the door, but Kendra raced in before Rose could take one step inside. 'Awesome!" Kendra yelled as Rose walked in after Kendra. There was a keyboard, and above the keyboard there was a little screen that read 'United States of America".

Kendra typed in 'Mexico". 'Wait!" Rose said, but it was too late. Kendra had already pushed the enter key. Rose and Kendra were flown around in the box for about two minutes. Scraped and bruised, Rose and Kendra finally got to their feet. They were so dizzy that they didn't even notice that they were not in the The Travel Machine anymore. When the dizziness had worn off and their vision had come into focus again, Rose realized that the shiny, silver cube was in her hand again. Rose stuffed the cube in her pocket. Kendra tapped Rose on the shoulder. 'Look." Kendra whispered, pointing at all of the people around them. They were all speaking Spanish. Rose only knew on word of Spanish: 'Hola" and that was it. Kendra didn't even know a word of Spanish. Rose and Kendra started walking around, and Rose was saying 'Hola" to someone every now and then, looking for a privet place to make The Travel Machine big again so they could go home. They finally found a deserted alleyway. But when Rose reached into her pocket, expecting a silver, shiney cube, she couldn't feel anything except a hole in her jean pocket.

'Oh no!" Rose said frantically. 'What?" Kendra said in a confused sort of way. 'The cube! It's gone, and there's a hole in my jeans!" Rose said, looking around for the cube. Out of the corner of her eye, Kendra saw a little girl, most likely 7 to 8 years old, picking up the silver cube. Kendra ran over to the little girl, and Rose followed. Kendra started tugging the cube out of the girls hands. 'That's ours!" Kendra said, but the little girl obviously didn't understand English. The girl started tugging harder. After about a minute, Kendra finally gave up. Kendra let go of the cube and the little girl ran out of sight. Kendra was to out of breath to run, so Rose ran after the little girl. When Kendra caught her breath, she ran after the little girl. Kendra sped past Rose. The girl ran around a corner, with Kendra still chasing her. Kendra finally got close enough to grab the cube out of the girl's hands. Kendra snached the cube out of the girl's hands.

As Kendra ran away, the girl gave her a furious look. Kendra ran back to Rose, and what had been a worried face suddenly turned into an ear to ear smile. Without hesitation, Rose and Kendra ran back to the deserted alleyway. Kendra pushed the big, red button on the cube. The cube hopped out of Kendra's hands and turned into a human-sized rectangle once again. Rose and Kendra walked inside. Rose typed in 'United States of America" and Rose and Kendra were flown everywhere in the box. Once they were out of The Travel Machine, they both hurried back to their houses. Rose heard Kendra say 'Let's go to Asia tomorrow!" as she was about to walk away. When Rose got home, she sprinted up the stairs and into her room. She hid the cube under her bed and went back downstairs. Her mother was cooking dinner. 'Where were you?" Her mother said. 'I was at... Kendra's house." Rose replied. Her mother gave her a suspicious look, and then went back to chopping up onions. Rose sat down at the dinner table, imagining where she would go tomorrow.

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