Travel to Mars is there Life or not

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The science labs here at school are full of fun and excitement for a while when you're young. Up until a point where you don’t want to sit in a boring school science lab. It all just feels so repetitive and not so fun anymore. Of course, when your are young you can’t wait to put on the goggles and dissect that frog or play with those chemicals. But once you hit a few years later you want to do something more exciting and educating. Teachers spend so much time creating labs to be fun and exciting but it all just feels the same. That is why I am here today to ask you, the principal if us students can go on a dangerous and educating field trip full of excitement and knowledge we should know for the sake of our science education. By going on a trip to mars and discovering ourselves if there really is life on Mars.

For example the movie The Martian, it’s about a man visiting mars and he becomes stranded. All he has left to do is figure out how to survive. But is there really any way to survive on mars? We don’t know. But meanwhile, on earth NASA members and a team of international scientists do their best to bring him home. But his own crewmates are creating their own risky rescue plan to bring him back. Overall I think taking this trip to mars would be the best option for our science knowledge and education. By taking this chance we would have so many opportunities to be discovering so many first hand science experiments rather than so many second-hand science experiments. We could do experiments like determining what the results would be if microbes were placed in martian soil. Then we would be able to see in result if life actually formed on the planet of mars. Also a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide freeze at a lot lower of temperature than water by itself. We could figure out if the microbes could survive if using hydrogen peroxide to survive at low temperatures.

Once the microbes survive on mars by using hydrogen peroxide we would then be able to identify life on mars or not? Students would learn so much better on mars because being on a whole different planet is a whole new life. We would be able to see things we have never seen before. We could experience things no one else has. We might even find crazy things on the planet like aliens, crazy wildlife, a human species or discover new creatures never seen. There is so much more we could discover like weather we have never experienced. We could learn so much thereby doing first-hand experiments finding new knowledge and bringing it back to earth. Overall principle Amy Taylor, I am definitely positive that taking a visit to mars to discover and experience new life and more considering our science education.

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