Moving to a New City and School

All my life I have lived in Texas and have moved now to 3 cities here. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After 4 years of living there I moved to Houston, Texas where I spent the majority of my life. After living there for 13 years I have now moved here to Tyler. Moving cities was always a scary thing and was a stressful thing for me. What I was mostly nervous about was me not knowing anyone that lived there. Everything is different, the environment, vibe, and it is way smaller then what I am use to.

My family lived Houston, TX until April, 23, 2017 at approximately 2 o’clock. It took a long time for us to pack everything and just looking back at everything and thinking of all of the good memories. It was a heartbreaking thing to do. My parents told my young brother and I that we were moving to Tyler, TX. I had no idea where that was because I have never heard of that city before. I was excited about this new experience as well as afraid.

I have always wanted to travel to a place where I have never been before, it was an interesting thing to do. We finally packed up and put all of our last belongings in the big uhaul truck. We then checked again to make sure that we took everything and said our last goodbye’s The drive took about 5 hours and just passing out of Houston got me sick. The roads were narrow and were surrounded by forests. We finally arrived in Tyler, it was nothing like Houston I thought. I knew nobody, all I knew was that I lived in the middle of a small non urban city. It was small and did not have all those roads on top of each other. At first, I was nervous about moving into a new home. One thing that really made me unhappy was having to share a room with my younger brother. I had my own room and my own privacy for over 10 years and I was enjoying it until we moved here. My family went from living in a big house into living in a small apartment. We set up everything without much hassle.

For a while our apartment did not seem like our home. It seemed more like we were on vacation. Eventually August came around, that meant a new school year was starting. Except I wasn’t going to be returning to the same school. I used to go to a Early College High School in Houston and transferred over here. I didn’t even know what to think. I was nervous about coming to this school because I have to make new friends and it just changed my whole life style. Not only that but I did not know where to go shopping or who to hangout with when I am bored, also what to do when I am bored. After going to school for a while and getting to know everyone it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I eventually made friends and everyone was cool with me. I went out with them and they told me a lot about Tyler. Now living here for my second year I love living here and would not call anywhere else home.

Moving somewhere you have never been before is always a scary thing to do and no one ever wants to do it.  

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