You Will Forever Remember your Holiday in this Place

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Panama is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. In fact, it is visited by almost 2 million people a year and it is known as the bridge between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. One can travel from one ocean to the other by just an 8 hour trip on a boat through the Panama Canal. Although going to the Panama Canal is an amazing experience, this is not the only place worth visiting in Panama. Luckily, Panama has a variety of attractions not only for visitors but for locals as well, ranging from the high mountains of Boquete to the stunning beaches of San Blas. Boquete, The Causeway Amador, and the beautiful San Blas Islands are just 3 of the many memorable and amazing places to visit in Panama.

First, the home to coffee plantations, Boquete, located in western Panama in the province of Chiriqui. Formed by green mountain highlands, Boquete is the coldest region of Panama. It also gives place to Panama’s highest point, one thousand two hundred meters above sea level, El Volcan Baru. Due to its cold weather, Boquete is the perfect place to go strawberry picking during the day or eat strawberries at popular markets, such as “Fresas Mary”, known for its delicious desserts all involving strawberries. Another fun activity for all ages is canopy, zip-lining above rivers and waterfalls. One of the canopy’s cable stretches five hundred meters and borders National Park La Amistad and The Volcan Baru.

The San Blas Islands is another place that can not be ignored if traveling to Panama. The San Blas Islands is an archipelago composed of approximately 365 islands and cays. It is the perfect place to get a glowing dark tan, or go snorkeling with colorful fish, and do not forget the classic picture with the many starfishes this island gives home to. It is also the ideal place to explore different cultures, while enjoying all the stories told by the Gunas, the native Americans living in San Blas. Guna’s are known for their colorful molas, a bright textile art used on Guna women’s blouses. The region is well known for its fine sand, flawless glass waters, and beautiful scenery.

At last, a place one may not miss is The Causeway Amador. It is a group of four islands artificially linked with rock extracted from the creation of the Panama Canal. One can get there in a 20 minute drive from the heart of  City. The Causeway is well known for its more than thirty restaurants of all types, from classic Panamanian food, to its ice cream parlors. Panama’s popular museum called The Biomuseo is located here, known for its amazing architecture and impossible to ignore shape; It was created by architect Frank Gehry and revolves around Panama’s natural history. Due to its long wide sidewalks, the Causeway Amador is perfect for walking, bike riding, and skating. After a long sunny day at The Causeway Amador, one may not miss Panama’s famous “raspados”. Raspados are Panamanian snow cones made with a metal scraper and a huge piece of ice. After the ice is scraped and in the cup, it is topped with colorful juices and condensed milk.

Panama is definitely an unforgettable destination, but places that would surely provide a great time are Boquete, with it great mountains, The Causeway Amador, with its delicious restaurants, and the stunning San Blas Islands, with the ability to make one feel as relaxed as ever. Do not let Panama's size fool anyone, it may be small, but it has all it is needed, no doubt of that.

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