The Ability of People to Live on other Planets

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Mars has not seen any life today but there has been many discoveries that has led to predictions that one day humans will be able to live on other planets other than Earth. Research done has proved that there could be evidence that sustains a possible environment on Mars and early life. Antarctica is the closest environment on Earth compared to what it could be life to live on planets, especially planet Mars. Mars is the planet to research and collect evidence about human adventure and if it is possible to live there, due to it being ten times less massive than Earth and half the distant from the sun.

Mars seems far fetched to have life on its planet because of the lack of water it has for a necessity. There has been no life on Mars for billions of years but there was evidence that at one point there was liquid water and soon after Earth became habitable. Also the cold weather climate provides a problem for any life to be habitable on another planet. This could be the main reason why life died in the early beginning stages.

The Nasa Haughton-Mars Project provides a similar structure of what the surface of Mars would be like by examining the Haughton Crater. The findings of ground ice on the surface at a shallow depth in areas can be used to plan for the future attempt of humans living on planet Mars. Evidence of the Crater erosion rate compared to the Mars erosion rate would place Mars 100 times slower os the environment in the past years did not stay warm at all, rather colder like Antarctica. Another problem if humans were to invade Mars to live their life there would be how to find any medical help if it is needed during their stay. The loneliness and isolation of the planet do not make it easy for it to evolve into an actual living space like Earth is.

Another important challenge that is posed for exploration of the site is what Nasa explorers would wear on the planet's surface. The spacesuit needs to be created and developed differently than other spacesuits before. Due to the harsh terrain, it needs to be comfortable enough to explore in it for hours at a time. In addition to, the conditions of the weather, the below-freezing climate provides a necessity for the spacesuit to be temperature regulated. Not only does it have to be effective and comfortable but it needs to be able to allow communication while exploring the surface of Mars and sending back information on what they find. It is said to be only worn 10 hours at a time before needing to clean and checked out if they are still intact to do their job in the most effective way possible.

Mars is an empty freezer. The cold climate and isolation of no living organisms in it is what it would be like if humans decided that is it a possibility to live on another planet other than Earth. At this point in time, it is not possible for any type of human to have a sustainable life in another solar system. 

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