Lunar has been Studying the Earth for Years

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In the year of 1928 Lunar, Kylah, and myself decided we were gonna travel to the center of the earth. We have been wondering and thinking about going there for the longest but, now we are officially going to the center of the earth. We will be getting there by traveling in a submarine. We are now at Atlantic ocean about to get ready to go on the mission. Lunar has been studying the earth for years so he knows a lot about it. Other person that will be coming is kylah she is just a type of guidance support for the mission. When we are coming back we also be traveling in the submarine. We are working on creating tools for the trip that can give us information.

Myself, Kylah, and Lunar have been preparing for the trip for weeks now. We already have our submarine ready to take us there and get us back. We have now invented two machines one of them is called the crust nattorand the crust nattor is for going through the oceanic crust, and, the upper and lower mantle. The second invention is the pick a tough. The pick a tough if for the outer and Inner core. Now it is time to travel in the submarine. As we are going down the crust nator is saying that the water is getting warming.we are also seeing a lot of basalt. The water is really dense because of the pressure. We are about 2,000 feet down and we are seeing even more basalt. We are going through the oceanic crust and it is 5-10 km thick. Its state of matter is a liquid.

We have now reached the upper and lower mantle time to turn up the crust nattor. The crust nattor is giving us some very good information about upper and lower mantle. They have convection currents and circles around the asthenosphere. The layers are very thick, they are made out of malleable. There state of matter is a liquid and its temperature is very hot. The crust nattor seems to be doing a very good job at giving us all of our information. Oh NO, there is a problem Lunar said, the crust nattor is not working and there is not no more ways of finding out information. Me and Kylah do not know what to do this is very bad. So now we have to find a good plan very quickly. Lunar came up with the best idea and said that we can just grab some strap metal and a thermometer and tape them together. So we did exactly what he said a thank goodness it worked. Now that we are back on schedule we can be looking forward to getting to the outer core.

We are close to being done with this mission we will be heading back soon. Since we are now at the outer core we have to take out the pick a tough. The outer core is 2,200 km thick it is made of liquid iron and nickel. Other fact about the outer core is that it creates our magnetic field. It is 4,000-5,000c it also spins around and that is how our magnetic field is formed. The outer core is also a type of depth for the center of the earth. Going though the outer core is very hard to get though. This might seem so unbelievable that we actually made it this far and have not had a lot of issues. The outer core is one of the layer that actually spins.

Woah now just to think about we are at the last layer the Inner core. The Inner core is 1,257 km thick, and it is the innermost layer. The inner core is very solid due to all the pressure that is on it. It is made up of iron, sulfur, and nickel. Now that we have finally completed the mission it is time to head back to the Atlantic ocean. We will have to go through the same hole that we created. The inner core is also the hottest layer out of all the layer so it was really tough getting through this layer. The inner core is at the most center of the earth than the rest of the layers.

Now that we have made it back to the Atlantic ocean we are now so happy that we made it back safely. We finally know what the center of the earth looks and feel like. We started off at the oceanic crust then went to the upper and lower mantle after that we went to the outer and inner core. The mission was very adventures and we learned a lot of new things about the center of the earth. Thanks to the help of Kylah and Lunar we would have not made it this far.

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